Top 5 Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Downtime

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If you are facing frequent machine downtime issues in your shop floor then this presentation is strictly for you. It clearly elaborates the solutions which can help in downtime reduction.For More Info @


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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Downtime :

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Downtime


Introduction Manufacturing Downtime leads to productivity loss and reduces the overall Equipment Effectiveness of your plant. Unplanned Machine Downtime can be controlled by actively tracking your equipment performance. Downtime Reduction can be carried out by proactive evaluation of the recorded event data and preventive maintenance of your machines. Explore the Top 5 ways to ensure highest equipment uptime .

Automate Downtime Tracking:

Automate Downtime Tracking Downtime Tracking System helps in recording of all the events that may lead to Machine D owntime . This is very inexpensive in comparison to the losses caused by unplanned downtime.

Hold Regular Employee Training:

Hold Regular Employee Training The operators spend the highest amount of time with the machines and they are the first responders too. If they are properly trained in handling their machines and maintaining them properly then such unfortunate events can be minimized.

Give Importance To Regular Maintenance:

Give Importance To Regular Maintenance Preventive maintenance is always better then reactive maintenance. If the operators are well trained for regular oiling and greasing of the machines and probable maintenance issues then it will contribute greatly towards Downtime R eduction .

Brace Yourself For Emergencies:

Brace Yourself For Emergencies Always have a proper mechanism for carrying out maintenance in case of a breakdown . This will save a lot of trouble and delay in case you face any major breakdown issue.

Evaluate The Derived Data Seriously:

Evaluate The Derived Data Seriously The data received from downtime tracking mechanism should be taken seriously and proactive steps should be taken so that you do not have to face unplanned emergencies on the shop floor. Preventive maintenance gets a great boost through this data.


Summary You can improve your Overall Equipment Efficiency score to a great extent by reducing Machine Downtime proactively. Downtime Reduction will not only give a boost to your production capabilities but also make your unit more reliable and credible.

Thrive Downtime Collection Solutions:

Thrive Downtime Collection Solutions If you’re tracking downtime manually, let Thrive do the work for you. If you aren’t tracking downtime, what are you waiting for? Thrive’s Downtime Tracking System provides real-time data and reporting that can help your company reduce downtime, increase efficiency and meet production goals . For further details please call 1.888.499.7772 or v isit: