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Read this write up now to learn the signs that signal the time for flat roof leak detection and maintenance in UK. Visit https://thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk/ for more information.


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4 Signs that Show It’s Time for Flat Roof Maintenance :

4 Signs that Show It’s Time for Flat Roof Maintenance thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


DID YOU KNOW? Bird droppings are a major cause of flat roof damage as bird droppings are acidic and lead to additional damage to other layers. thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Business owners often think that there is no need for roof maintenance or tune-up when their commercial roof functions properly. But, scheduling regular roof inspection is significant to avoid the consequences of developing problems. thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


FREQUENT LEAKS Roof leaks are an indicator that the roof system has reached an age where components need some shoring up. Using advanced infra-red technology or electronic testing, you can detect the source of the leak and fix it before it turns worse. thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


CRACKING TAR As tar and gravel roofs age, the tar shrinks and develops cracks. As the tar pulls away from walls, protrusions, expansion joints, it widens the separation and leaks breakthrough. thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


LOOSE FLASHING METAL Metal flashing causes watertight seal at the edges and needs regular check-ups. Loose flashing metal often becomes vulnerable to wind and water penetration. Performing a thorough inspection helps you find out loose metal flashing, re-secure them and avoid costly repairs. thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk


Visit thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk for more information. Call: 01342 410508 E-mail: [email protected] thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk

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