Infrared Thermal Imaging for Effective Leak Detection in UK

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Looking for effective leak detection in UK to locate and analyse leaks in building? Thornton Roof Leak Detection specialises in effectively tracking leaks in walls, roof and basement. Visit for more.


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Stop the Gue s s i ng L o c a te Hi dd en W at er L e ak s Ex ac tly wi th In fra red Th e rm a l I m a gi ng

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Did you know IR cameras have been in use to detect leaks in industries and commercials for decades ago and the results are fantastic

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Infrared thermal imaging for leak detection is an innovative technology to locate building leaks accurately in a short span of time. It can provide immediate visual results that can reveal the actual sources of leaks.

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HOW IT WORKS Infrared Thermal Imaging technology detects the variation in the surface temperature of building roofs and wall and represents the temperature difference by different color tones. The color differentiation helps us to detect the type and intensity of leakage in the building.

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BENEFITS  Detects leaks after a recent rain.  Finds out missing insulation.  Spots open or leaking ducts.  Detects over-heated circuit breakers.

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 Finding hidden moisture in walls ceilings and under floors  Leaking roofs  Broken water pipes  Water soaked areas that are not visibly seen

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Visit thermography/ for more information. Call: 01342 410508 E-mail:

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