Tips to Improve Your Hotel's Energy Efficiency


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Hotel industry is quick to adopt environment-friendly practices as there is a huge rise in green travellers. Presented by


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Tips to Improve Your Hotel's Energy Efficiency and Save Costs :

Tips to Improve Your Hotel's Energy Efficiency and Save Costs

Hospitality Sector:

Hospitality Sector There’s no denying that hotels are expensive to run. The hospitality sector is diverse, comprising hotels, motels, guest houses, pubs, bars, restaurants and other catering establishments. Hotel industry is quick to adopt eco-friendly practices as there is a steep rise in green travellers globally.


Hotels can market their brand and also save the environment without burning a hole in their pockets. With many hotels encompassing multiple restaurants, laundry rooms and living spaces, the annual energy costs for the hospitality sector are in excess of £1.3 billion.

Importance of Energy Efficiency:

Importance of Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is now well understood as a sound business practice. No matter the size of your hotel, saving energy can reap big rewards. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, shrinking your hotel’s energy bill is an easy way to increase your profits without having to spend time trying to increase sales.


The biggest savings and costs are typically in three, major areas: Heat and air conditioning Hot water Lights


Most improvements are estimated to yield savings in these ranges: 30%-50% overall energy usage 20% for heating and air conditioning 20% for hot water 30% for lighting Energy efficiency measures are not only going to prove economically beneficial but are also likely to benefit the reputation of your hotel.

Benefits of Energy Consumption:

Benefits of Energy Consumption The benefits of energy conservation apply to the bottom line of business but extend beyond money into: Image I ndustry reputation G eneral conservation Social responsibility.


Tips Make sure employees report water leak issues immediately and open drapes during the day. Lower the water temperature to 110 degrees when showering and washing hands. Turn off unneeded lights. Have your heating system, icemakers and refrigeration equipment checked and serviced regularly by a licensed technician.


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