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Now you can learn how to invest your money in order to get more benefits and grow your business in a better way by Thomas Barnard at Focused-Investing.


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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Financial Investment E-Book

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Topics To Be Covered  Introduction  E-Book  Political EconomicsE-Book  FocusedInvestingE-Book  FinancialInvestment Planning

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Introduction My nameis Thomas Barnard and I want to teach you the ins and outs of modern money investment from start to finish. As your personal investment coach together we can achieve your financial goals whether they be saving for ch ild ren’ s education saving for retirement and anythingin between.

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 Focused Investing is an efficiently concise guide to learning the ins outs and in-between of investing. This book is designed to be a cost effective alternative to other investment books and while it is recommended for beginners it can be read at any level of skill or knowledgeof finance.  In this book you will learn how wealthy people become and stay wealthy how companies invest their capital why mutual and index funds are not best suited for reducing risk and more without getting caught up in buzzwords and babble. E-Book

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Political Economics E-Book The current economic situation in the US is beginning to resemble a time before there was a middle class. This book takes a look at past policies to show how we got here. Understanding that is crucial to solving the problem. This book takes a look at influential economists over time current assumptions and misguided beliefs. It is written in the hopes of encouraging thoughtful economic conversations.

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Focused Investing E-Book This book is a cost effective alternative to other investment books for beginners and can be read at any level of skill. It provides insight into how people get rich how companies invest and why mutual funds and even index funds while great at reducing volatility are ill suited for reducing risk and building wealth.

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Financial Investment Planning- How to Grow Your Money By using the strategy of Focus Investing you can understand your financial investments better and forming more investment planning and financial goals. Step by Step strategies to learn financial investing for the beginners. Financial Investing eBook provides the basic Knowledge of Finance with Focused-investing.

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Investment Education Are you getting the right Money Investment Education Here are you getting the best and important tips that help you learn how to invest money in the market.

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