Car Wreckers in Auckland

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What do Car Wreckers in Auckland do with your old car

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`The cars are the most essential part of our life yet with time they become useless to us. With new cars made with advanced technology the older ones just become a piece of junk for people. So people do sell it to the Car Wreckers in Auckland to earn some profit but have you ever imagined that what happens to these cars when they are sold to the car wreckers What do they do with these cars Well here in this post we will discuss what happens to a car after it is sold to the wreckers. Depolluting the car: When a car reaches a scrap car yard the first procedure that it goes through is depolluting the vehicle. In this process the essential fluids and lubricants are drained out from the vehicle. The transmission oil engine oil and diesel are removed from the vehicle. And then all the wires are disconnected from the car. This process also removes all the plastic including the dashboard from the vehicle. The plastics are sent to the recycling centre for recycling. Dismantling the engine: The next procedure after depolluting is then dismantling the engine. The mechanics rip apart all the parts from the car. The parts that are in good condition are sold and the other parts which are of no use are then sent for recycling. Tearing the body apart: The final procedure is taking the body apart. In this procedure the body of the car Is dismantled by the mechanics. The body then is compressed and is sent to the recycling hub. The most money comes out of wrecking is from the body of the car that is the metal remain of the car. So summing up this is what Car Wreckers-Auckland does to the car after buying it. However if you want the best price for your scrap car contact The Scrap Car Company the most reputed car wreckers in Auckland. Thank You

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