How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?

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February 8 2019 SOLAR POOL HEATING SYDNEY How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work DO YOU LIKE TO USE YOUR POOL FOR FITNESS WORKOUTS OR FOR A DAILY SWIM Swimming heat pumps are hands down one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your swimming pool. It allows you to significantly reduce pool heating time and cut down expenses. In instances where solar pool heater and gas pool heater are not feasible or too expensive heat pumps are a great choice for their economy and efficiency. It is essentially a reverse air conditioner or refrigerator and does not generate heat but simply transfer heat from the outside ambient air into the water. They utilize the heat from the surrounding area to heat water instead of burning natural gas or propane to heat the water. The AstralPool range by Thermo Pool includes both standard technology and highly efficient inverter technology that utilize scroll compressors with condenser heat exchanger made of rifled titanium to

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February 8 2019 SOLAR POOL HEATING SYDNEY handle corrosion from chlorinated pool water so you gethigher energy savings with faster heating to enjoy swimming at a constant temperature.Thus they are best suited for mild and humid climates and the hotter and sunnier it is the better they perform. THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING A POOL PUMP HEATER Whether you are looking for residential or commercial use it should be able to meet the growing demand while offering you the easiest and most economical way to maintain the right water temperature of your swimming facility. While selecting a pool pump heater you should consider 1. SIZE Sizing a poolheat pump is critical to ensure that it is capable to maintain the comfortable temperature you prefer. The choice of appropriate size involves many factors and while bigger is always better and a bigger variant will also heat your pool faster it is also likely to consume more energy. Therefore you need an experienced and trained pool professional to perform proper sizing analysis and determine pool heater pump size. 2. EFFICIENCY Its energy efficiency is measured by the coefficient of performance COP and the higher the better. They are available in both standard technology and latest inverter technology to reach extremely high COP. High-efficiency pool heat pump use scroll compressors compared to reciprocal compressors in

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February 8 2019 SOLAR POOL HEATING SYDNEY standard models. The reason that scroll compressors are able to deliver more efficiency over piston models is that in the former the gas is continuously squeezed and compressed close to 100 and the more efficient the compression higher the COP and subsequently the performance. 3. COSTS Even as they cost more than gas pool heater they significantly reduce the running cost of your swimming pool. Proper installation and regular professional maintenance by experienced professionals goes a long way in optimizing its efficiency.

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February 8 2019 SOLAR POOL HEATING SYDNEY BENEFITS OF USING THE HEAT PUMP • Very efficient under most circumstances • More economical and energy efficient than gas pool heaters • Heats the pool quickly • Low running costsbecause of higher efficiencies. GOT QUESTIONS Looking to install solar pool heating system or need any pool professional call 02 8850 4030 today