What to consider before buying a pool heater

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WHAT TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A POOL HEATER Swimming pool pumps are the single largest user of electricity up about 18 of the electricity bill for Australian across the 1.1 million residential swimming pools. With over 90000 pool heating systems installed nationwide every year there is no denying that they certainly help extend the pool season and enjoy your pool more often. But how do you choose the right pool heater that allows you to enjoy your pool without adding up to high energy bills Here is what you need to consider before buying a pool pump. WHAT TYPE OF POOL HEATER DO YOU NEED With 3 major types of pool heating systems to choose from selecting the right pump for your needs is important. Even as the new regulations requiring the pool pumps to meet minimum energy performance standards MEPS and display energy rating label by 2020 under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standard Act 2012 GEMS promises to make it easier to pick a more energy-efficient pool heater choosing professional help for expert tips is highly recommended.

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SOLAR POOL HEATERS Did you know that it can increase the use of the pool by up to four months Solar heaters consist of solar collectors filters pumps and control valves. It uses the sun’s heat energy to heat your pool thus making it the most economical and popular way to heat your pool. Although it has a fairly high initial cost it pays for itself within 3-5 years given the incredible savings in energy bills and almost negligible cost of maintenance. The size of your pool the quality of solar collectors and location of solar collectors are key factors to consider when buying one among the many solar pool heaters. Pros – • Low energy cost • Low operating costs • Pays for itself within 3-5 years • Long life span Cons – • High upfront cost • Heat depends on the sun however you can use a booster pump to use it all throughout the year. Know More – How Solar Pool Heating Extends Your Pool Season GAS POOL PUMP Gas pool heaters can quickly and efficiently heat your pool to a comfortable temperature for swimming whenever required. The increased availability of natural gas and LPG now makes it gas heaters a popular choice for heating the pool all through the year. Ideal for small pools or spas these are cost-efficient and relatively inexpensive and have low operating costs. Pros – • The most reliable and fastest way to heat your pool under all weathers • Extremely efficient Cons – • Purchase and installation can be expensive • High energy bills due to fluctuating natural gas prices • Require regular maintenance • Occasional fixes for gas repairs can be expensive • Short life-span

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POOL HEAT PUMPS It uses ambient warm air to heat the pool water that passes through the pump. These operate like a refrigerator in reverse – using the surrounding air to heat up the water that passes through the pump. If you are looking for the quietest most energy-efficient pool heater that deliver best-in-class performance look no further than a pool heat pump. Pros – • Extremely efficient • Low energy costs • Longer shelf-life Cons - • High upfront costs • Work better in warmer climates WHAT SIZE OF POOL HEATER SHOULD I BUY To get the most out of your pool heater it is highly recommended to choose one that matches the size of your pool. Although you can take a rough estimate it is best to have a pool expert determine the size of your pool and suggest the right size of the heater. That apart the pool specialists factors in your climate and location to make the best judgement. POOL HEATING SPECIALISTS SYDNEY Looking for a pool heating specialist in Sydney for expert guidance and tips As Australia’s choice for solar pool heating installations for over 40 years homeowners across Sydney and NSW trust us to choose the most efficient pool heater for their home.