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The presentation contains the information about the types of pool heating system such as Solar pool heating, Gas heaters, electric heaters & pool heat pumps. See the presentation to know why you & your family should do regular swimming even in the winter season as well. Know more about Solar panels & it's benefits at http://www.thermopools.com.au/


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About Solar Pool Heating System The first thought that comes to a person’s mind when he thinks of a Solar Pool Heating System is its complexity of use and high prices involved. Not many people know that they can opt for partially active or passive pool heating which is cheaper in price. When the sun’s heat is directly or indirectly applied on the water’s surface it is known as a passive pool heater. As sunlight is the main source of a Solar Swimming Pool Heater , a passive heater has a limited effect. Choose an area which is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. Use a solar pool heating ‘blanket’ that absorbs heat to keep the water warm and also reduces the loss of heat after the sunset. An above ground pool makes the water warmer than an in-ground pool does, especially in a warm climate.

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How Solar Pool Heater Functions On the roof of your property or wall that faces the sun, solar hot water collectors are fitted. The solar collector has thin pipes into which the swimming pool water is being pumped. When the temperature is right, sensors and valves can be used to push the water into the collector. The water is directly heated by the sun’s rays (Not like the solar panels that transform Sun’s energy into electricity ). In extreme hot climatic conditions, homeowners can also use solar collectors to cool down the water during night hours, if required.

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Solar Pool Heating System & Gas Pool Heater The magnificence of a gas powered heating system is that water can be heated rapidly than solar or electrically powered systems. Additionally, gas powered heating system can heat water effectively whatever be the weather conditions. But, Do you want exceptionally affordable pool heating system? Then you need to install  solar pool heater . However, the suitability of a solar powered system will be totally dependent on the local climate. Now, you can certainly decide what type of pool heating system suits your need better. If you use your pool regularly, go for Solar Pool Heating System  and in case you don’t use your pool that often, then  Gas Pool Heater  would be good for you.

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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps If solar heating is not suitable for your needs and you don’t want the expense of gas heating, our pool heat pumps are the solution . Using available solar energy, combined with electricity, you have the highest performance, quietest, cost effective swimming pool heater . Pool Heat pumps achieve more consistent temperatures in our ever changing weather patterns and are a cost effective alternative to gas heating . Thermo Pools offer Domestic & Commercial Pool Heat Pumps for sale. Call 02 8850 4030 to get quality solar pool heat pumps on reasonable rates in Sydney.

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How much longer does solar heating extend the swimming season? Below is an extended season chart which shows the seasons and temperatures. Results may vary depending on weather conditions, size of the absorber area and volume of water, however the temperatures in RED are guide of what you could expect from Thermo Pools solar heating and the approximate temperatures in BLUE are pools with no heating systems. Swimming Pool Heating Facts

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Pool Heating System Encourage Children to Swim in Winter Why you need to continue swimming in winter: By swimming all year round, we gain higher fitness levels, which make us stronger and we remain away from amassing any stress or sickness. The swimming activity along with good nutrition will facilitate our young ones to remain fit and healthy all through the winter. Why you need to continue swimming in winter: You need to make sure that your children conclude warmly once they complete their swimming session and never allow them to stand around drenched in any draughts. Installing swimming pool heater: This is recommended so that the water temperature can be maintained at a steady level, keeping the pool water warm enough so that children can easily swim without any type of difficulty. A pool heating system will positively motivate children to go for swimming regularly.

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Health Benefits Acquired From Regular Swimming Exercise Without severely impacting your joints, swimming offers you aerobic exercise. Your muscles and joints get loosened up due to the warm water that facilitates for a pain-free workout. Your muscles get strengthened. You will be more flexible as swimming enables to keep your joints and ligaments loose and agile. Your energy level gets increased and you will acquire the capability to do more work during the day. When you do regular aerobic exercise, it makes your heart pump more efficiently, making your heart stronger and healthier. You will be able to control your body weight. Swimming helps to burn your calories and facilitate for weight loss. Regular swimming betters your asthma symptoms as moist air lowers exercise induced asthma symptoms.

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CONTINUE... Swimming increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels and facilitates to uphold LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Thus, your cholesterol is improved. Aerobic exercise like swimming lowers the danger of diabetes by 10 to 16% based on the level of intensity. Swimming discharges endorphins that promotes mood. Thus it helps in reducing your stress level; enables you to acquire higher spirits and energy levels, which results in healthier functioning of your brain. Individuals who regularly do swimming have considerably reduced death rates compared to those who partake in other aerobic exercise or activity. Thus, swimming increases your life span. It would be a good idea to install a swimming pool heater so that even in cold weather you can continue your swimming. According to your budget and preference, you have the option to install a solar, electric or a gas pool heater .

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Repairing Your Pool Heater after a Storm If you discover that your pool heater is not working properly after a storm, there are certain things you should be checking to start with. Get professional technical assistance to mend your pool heater If you can’t get your pool heater up and functioning even after executing these fixes, the problem may need the assistance of an expert technical professional. In case you require help for repairing your pool heater or want to buy a solar pool heating system , you may call on 02 8850 4030 . Brownouts Power Inputs Hail & Storm Damage Just let your pool heater to function for a few hours

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