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This PPT is made by http://sandiegoteentherapists.com/ focussing on the facts about teen drug abuse and addiction.Here you can find the some symptoms of drug addiction.


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Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction By http://sandiegoteentherapists.com/

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What is drug Abuse and Addiction ? Teenagers get drug addicted from the teenage. Some take drug for experiment. Others take to release mental pressure and anxiety. In order to get rid of drug addiction some therapy for teens are there.

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How Drug Abuse and Addiction can Develop ? People who use drugs as for experiment tries to use it continually as it feels them good or bad. Some able to recognize that they have crossed the line. Some signs are there through which a teen can understand that they are addicted to drug. Occasional Use of Drug. If the drug fulfils the valuable need. Frequent late for work or for School.

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Occasional Use of Drug Sometimes smoking jointly with friends at the weekend gets slowly addicted to you on smoking. Taking cocaine occasionally at the party makes you addicted. Gradually getting and using the drug becomes more and more important to you.

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If the drug fulfils the valuable need If you find that taking drugs releases your anxiety or stress you will get slowly addicted to it. Sometimes d rug also make you feel confident in social situations if you normally feel shy. Sometimes you also take drug to release panic.

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Frequent late for work or for School As drug abuse takes hold you may get frequently late for school or for work. Your performance will also deteriorate. You will start to neglect social or family obligations.

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