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If you are looking for Art Program for Students in Los Angeles, then contact The Oaks School. Our art program celebrates collaboration, creation, and imagination. For more information contact us at 3238503755


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THE OAKS SCHOOL  ___  STEAM Classes in Los Angeles Schools    INTRODUCTION  The Oaks School is a progressive independent K-6 school located in the heart of Hollywood.  Since its establishment in 1986 the school has grown into a thriving K-6 school with integrated  art music drama Maker and P.E. programs.  ART MAKER  Oaks School conducts STEAM Classes for students in Los Angeles. Our STEAM and Art program  celebrates collaboration creation and imagination.

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2    Art  Our art program celebrates collaboration creation and imagination. Our children are actively  engaged in the intellectual emotional and physical aspects of making art. Our children  investigate a wide variety of materials including clay yarn watercolors paper collage and  metal.  By fifth and sixth grade students engage in art history analyzing artwork to interpret meaning  contextualizing records of human achievement through a cultural lens and learning how local  and national art museums and galleries contribute to society and the preservation of culture.

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3    Maker  Our Art Maker Studio allows students and faculty to integrate the arts and sciences and create  fun and exciting projects. Making offers students opportunities to learn through hands-on  experience and helps them satisfy the basic human impulse to create. Through the combination  of authentic problem-solving technical knowledge creativity and perseverance making is a  powerful way to learn.      FOLLOW US AT