Food Production Courses in Delhi

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Kitchen Management The hotel industry has been identified as one of the fastest growing segments of the nation economy. The secret behind any successful food production operation is the division of the kitchen into various sections establishing a system and following them assiduously. The Hotel School is one of the pioneer institutes which offer various Food Production Courses in Delhi for hospitality students. There are no set rules for deciding the sections and the staff to h andle them. These will vary with different factors like a number of catering outlets size of the menu size of the establishment planning of the kitchen and the management policy. In The Hotel School we train students according to the industries demand we focus on the basic concept and train students according to their area of interest on which particular section he or she is good. This is the basic success mantra of our institute which provides various Food Production Courses in Delhi. As food production course has become a subject of growing interest for the students so for those who want to make their career as a chef a kitchen of a deluxe hotel should have the following sections. Meat Processing Area – This section is responsible for all incoming meat and fish for quality and freshness as well as to ensure portioning packing tagging and stacking various cuts and ensuring proper storage and racking. Prep. Kitchen – This section is responsible for incoming supplies of fresh vegetable and check all requisitions made by the main kitchen and the satellite kitchen and then prepares and delivers the vegetable mise-en-place. Garde Manger – This sectional is responsible for preparing various types of salads dressing and colds cuts. Continental Section – The continental section of the main kitchen is divided into 3 subsection 1 Soup 1800-121-5344

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2 Roast and sauce 3 Vegetables It is common practice to combine the last two into one section. Bakery and Confectionery – This section is responsible for preparation of various bread breakfast rolls cakes pastries cookies puddings and desserts. Indian Section – The Indian section is divided into 3 sub section: curry tandoor and halwai.