Star Wars Nostalgia Star Wars Cookie Cutters, Toasters and More

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Star Wars Nostalgia : Star Wars Cookie Cutters Toasters and More Can’t get over the Star Wars spirit till now Here are some of the coolest Star Wars inspired accessories you might want to have a look at The list includes the amazing Star Wars cookie cutters too. Death Star Rug – Star Wars Themed Rug Handmade in Nepal Be prepared to explore the unseen horizons of space on the ever famous super weapon from George Lucas with this Death Star Rug spread indoors. Handmade in a country that flaunts the mountainous spirit of the Himalayas this rug has been carefully hand-knotted in wool and bamboo such that it looks top class as a unique piece of home decor. The Death Star themed design is definitely targeted for Star Wars addicts but even if you’re not a dedicated sci-fi aficionado this rug is bound to catch your eyes. Star Wars – The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Helmet Top off your collection with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Helmet. Designed in a 1:1 ration this helmet is chock full of authentic features that really bring it to life. The injection molded plastic helmet is ultra lightweight and was made based on the original digital files that were used in The Force Awakens film. Inside the helmet is a comfortable and adjustable suspension mechanism that fits up to a US size 8 hat size. With the Force Awakens Stormtrooper Helmet you can fully embody one of the coolest roles in all of Star Wars and kick any imitation sets to the curb. Star Wars Cookie Cutters Turn your holiday party into a Star Wars celebration at once. With the Star Wars Cookie Cutters you’ll be able to bring Darth Vader Boba Fett Chewbacca Yoda C-3PO and a Stormtrooper to life every time you set forth on a cookie baking session. Simply cut the dough using one side of the cutter and then flip it over so that the design is impressed on the dough. The designs you’ll get will be so clean that you might not require icing them later. Just to get the best results try to use doughs that won’t rise up when baked. Star Wars Boba Fett MacBook Decal by airShopp Get an extra layer of security on your laptop with the Star Wars Boba Fett MacBook Decal by airShopp. A thing of few words just like the Kamino native this laptop decal should thwart any possible thieves. With a black border and cut outs outlining the infamous Boba Fett With the Best Star Wars Cookie Cutters the light from the iconic MacBook apple brings this character to life with a sense of pending power. The precise outline cut out includes the helmet of Boba Fett and is made of high quality vinyl. The self-adhesive easily applies in seconds to your laptop and won’t leave any grimy or sticky residue if it’s removed..

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