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Dear Readers First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time and reading my blogs. It means the world to me With your love and support ‘The Fashion and City’ magazine has grown online. What started as a Fashion and Lifestyle blog has now expanded to this whole concept of covering Travel Entertainment Health and Fitness Beauty Makeup Food Home Decor and whatnot. Which every post I get to explore something new and introduce my readers to my experiences. All of us ladies love fashion. Right from draping our first saree to cutting our bangs these have been traditional rites of passage to becoming the women we are today. This is how we explore experiment and discover fashion that speaks to us and helps us make unique style statements. Some women are expressive extroverts who like to express their thoughts beliefs and personalities through their fashion and lifestyle choices. And then there are women who are shy and hesitant to channel their inner Diva. There’s also the budding group of young women having a great sense of style but no outlet or resources to display their talent to the world. This magazine is for all these women and more the ones trying to find their voice and express themselves bolding using fashion as their armour. A little guidance and the right push goes a long way into helping a young girl turn into a confident woman who speaks her mind and wears it too

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The Fashion and City is the right magazine for all the ladies looking for some guidance to help them navigate the world of fashion. Helping women express themselves prominently through their dressing. Wearing outfits that create conversations. Through the fashion blogs published in The Fashion and City one can polish and fine-tune their dressing sense and stand out in the crowd – bold and proud. If comfort is your styling statement then The Fashion and City Magazine is where you will find your calling. I personally choose comfort over haute couture at times and affordable fashion than going overboard which means that you will find feasible and accessible styling tips fashion ideas and fashion choices that make you feel comfortable in your skin. Right from trending styles to seasonal fashion like monsoon summer and festive you can find blogs and advice on anything and everything. For that fashion freak in you this is the place you can call home. Wondering whether to buy that mascara invest in a new skincare product or check if the product is really worth it Read about it in The Fashion and City Review Blogs. Want to try a new look a smoky-eye or contouring that blends well you can find tips about them too. Read about the latest diet fads and natural skincare routines too. For any such queries or doubts you can check out The Fashion and City Blog. Also keep an eye out for the updates in the Beauty and Make-up section of The Fashion and City magazine for beauty and make- up related problems and whatnot. Get your queries resolved. Right from makeup looks makeup tips product reviews to tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle you can find it all here. From making your makeup last a long time to preserving your products right find anything and everything you need in one place. From different skin types to body types find a place on the internet that respects you and your needs and gives you only the best of content. Become a part of The Fashion and City family today and make the right choices. Interested in writing for the magazine We welcome Guest Posts on Fashion and Lifestyle articles feel free to reach out to us at

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