How to find the Best Eye Specialist in Singapore

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The Eye Clinic How to find the Best Eye Specialist in Singapore Most of us would agree that our eyes are our most precious asset. Indeed most of us cannot visualize a life without sight However as we age some of us may experience eye problems such as blurry vision floaters unexplained tearing or eye pain that will require eye health check and the attention of an eye specialist paragon. Eye health issues are spread all over the globe but if we look at Singapore its population is uniquely vulnerable to eye diseases and disorders at every life phase. One in two children develops myopia by the age of 12. At 18 83 will turn myopic. Children who contract myopia at an early age may easily develop high myopia where they have myopic degrees of over 800 in both eyes. High myopia can lead to serious problems low vision and even blindness as early as mid-adulthood. In middle age diabetic retinopathy is the principal reason for vision loss. According to a study led by researchers at the Singapore Eye Research Institute SERI in 2015 diabetic retinopathy has to date claimed the sight of more than 600 Singaporeans the loss of an eye in 8000 and visual impairment in a further 17500. All these problems need immediate attention from an ophthalmologist in Singapore. If you don’t already have an ophthalmologist you see regularly consider choosing a best eye doctor in Singapore who is:  Suggested by near and dear ones: If you have an eye doctor that comes highly recommended by your loved ones you may consider seeing him.  Healthcare professional’s advice: If you know somebody working in the healthcare sector such as nurses optometrists or opticians they would be able to guide for best eye doctor in Singapore.  Practicing since long. Practice makes a man perfect And so does experience. A senior ophthalmologist would be giving better eye health check in most cases. In general best eye doctors in Singapore are already doctors with over 10 years of experience working in a public hospital prior to setting up their own private clinic. At last choose an eye doctor with a good repute and with whom you feel comfortable. Certain ladies are more comfortable with female doctors in Singapore. Even if no eye complaints arise it is always good to get an eye health check at least once a year to ensure that your eyes are well.

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The Eye Clinic Wishing you the best of sight

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