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Our choice of Wedding Planners is usually made when we attend a wedding and find it awesome and well organized. Go for a planner who plans the wedding to your liking.


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Hosting an Event Soon Hire an Event planner exhibiting these 9 Qualities Event planning and organization needs less of your experience and more application of logic. At the end of the day the company or person who hired a planner must smile. This means that everything has to run efficiently. An event planner’s problem solving abilities and critical thinking should be high. This is why event planning is not a job for everyone. A great event planner is known when they possess the following: 1. Multi-Tasking abilities However small an event is everything has to fall in place within the allocated time. This means that the event planner has to juggle different projects within strict timelines. Wedding planners are mostly faced with the toughest tasks in terms of planning and organizing all activities. Finishing all projects in hand results in a lot of last minute change of plans and literal switching of gears. Therefore a good event planner has to handle more than one tasks and demands without breaking. 2. Exceptional Time management Timelines set must be adhered to at all times. Event management companies hire the best lanners based on their ability to give results within the time frame allocated. Therefore they should understand the tasks at hand create timelines and stick to set deadlines. They also be required to guide other company employees and the clients through the project’s timeline. 3. Highly Organized Event planning entails having layouts of ‘to do lists’ and being able to diligently and religiously follow them. This goes beyond the task at hand because your desk cabinets and drawers should imitate this organization. The high paced set up of event management companies require highly organized individuals running the projects allocated. 4. Problem solving abilities

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One of the jobs that requires a lot of corrections and repetitions is event planning. Your order may come back wrong or fail to be delivered in time. In such cases an event planner will need back-up solution for any order or color gone wrong. Calmness is a great asset that must be owned and guarded well by all event planners. The alternatives given to clients in case of problems should be of the client’s taste and quality. On and off-site problems should be handled with urgency to ensure continuity of the project within the stated time limit. 5. Creativity Competition and creativity in event planning industry is high. Diversity of methods of delivering work and the designs of presentation determines if a wedding planner will catch a potential client’s eye or not. Concepts created should leave clients marveling. This therefore puts creativity as the backbone of event planning. Repeating similar designs and following similar methodologies in all events kicks an event planner out of business faster than they expect. The materials used should vary and be able to standout. 6. Customer Service The events planned and organized are meant to please the client and never the event company. Recommendations may follow but the client always comes first. The job has to be done very well and nothing should fall out of place. Guiding client’s visitors and even serving them drinks should be an event planner’s job if they are understaffed. 7. Adept Speaking and Writing abilities Communication is key in this line of business. Therefore written and verbal communications should be easily and clearly understood to all parties. Ideas thoughts and opinions must be put across clearly. 8. Good People Skills Suppliers lighting designers and the clients should be received and communicated to warmly. A wedding planner shouldn’t growl orders to staff if they expect the best from them. Good relationships should be advocated for future recommendations. This creates a communal event and a great event will be result. Therefore working in harmony is essential. 9. Good Budgeting Project management and event planning involves working around and within a budget. The expectations must be met without compromising on the quality of service delivered. Unplanned events and incidences should be catered for in the budget. In conclusion event management companies should hire the best event planners and wedding planners for the best event results and growth of business. Creative and active minds should be included when hiring. This keeps the company profitable and the clients happy.