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With the company’s growing success over the years, many investors are wondering if they can buy Discord stock. Discord is now the preferred platform for many communities, and its popularity is extending into other industries. The communications app was originally developed with gamers in mind, promoting cross-platform communication between users playing in an active session at the same time.


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Can You Buy Discord Stock? :

Can You Buy Discord Stock? Here’s What You Need To Know

What Is Discord?:

What Is Discord? Discord is a communication platform that’s becoming a staple for the gaming community , businesses, and hobbyist circles across the globe. 2

Why Is Discord so Widely Used?:

Why Is Discord so Widely Used? Although gamers appreciate Discord for the ease of grouping up and creating gamers-only platforms, businesses also use the platform for meetings and communications, incorporating it into their workflow. There are many reasons that countless communities have adopted Discord, which include: Streamlined voice chat for communicating with a team member or group Discord servers allow users to create private groups and feeds (it’s like a private Twitter for teams The ability to post group updates or personal text messages It’s a great tool to keep in touch with employees 3

Can I Buy Discord Stock?:

Can I Buy Discord Stock? Unfortunately, while Discord is making seismic splashes in the world of communication, it’s not open for trading. Discord is a private company and only allows private companies and select individuals to invest in it. So currently, you cannot buy or sell stocks in Discord. However, Discord declined, leaving many to believe that it would file for IPO status instead. In short, that means buying Discord Stocks is a possibility — one that may hit the market very soon. 4

Who Owns Discord?:

Who Owns Discord? Discord is owned and was founded by Jason Citron , a long-time app and gaming platform mogul. Citron gained his notoriety from the development of the app OpenFeint . As a social gaming platform, OpenFeint revolutionized the way gamers communicated with one another, catching the attention of big names in the business, like GREE. 5

Buying Discord Stock Vs Why Is Discord so Successful? :

Buying Discord Stock Vs Why Is Discord so Successful? Because Discord is not currently traded publicly, there is no stock symbol. At the moment, Discord is privately owned and only accepts funding from private investors and members. The reason why Discord sets itself apart is due to a long list of advanced features that have caught the eye of the gaming industry along with other top industries in the digital realm. 6


Features Compatibility One of its key successes is that Discord works with any platform no matter what it is. Its ability to see past software lines is powerful and one of the top reasons for Discord’s funding success . A unique feature of Discord is the ability to subdivide channels, which means that individuals can create private or group-only servers. Because groups of friends can have private servers, it’s the best alternative, as it doesn’t matter where someone is and what software they’re using. Interaction 7

Features Cont:

Features Cont Gaming Communication The option to screen share means big things for the gaming industry. Players can not only share their screen but use Discord while they play to increase gaming communication and communications while using other kinds of apps. Apart from compatibility with gaming apps, Discord is compatible with all kinds of apps, including Spotify, YouTube, and even Mixer. Syncing Abilities 8

Should I Buy Discord Stock if It Goes Public?:

Should I Buy Discord Stock if It Goes Public? Long-Term Financial Growth When Forbes reported that Discord was worth $7 billion back in November of 2020, the communication world and investors were floored. Discord’s Future  Many speculated that Discord would be bought out, but when its owner walked away from Microsoft, rumors sparked about a potential IPO How Greenoaks Capital Fits Greenoaks Capital has not yet released information, but it was rumored that the company is valued at $7 billion. Discord’s Profitability Though the company is experiencing rapid growth and an ever-expanding user base, it’s critical to look at profits. 9

Discord Controversies:

Discord Controversies Although Discord was targeted toward gamers, it didn’t keep other groups from getting in on the opportunity. Some groups including hate groups were reported to be using the app to schedule meetings, which Discord has since attempted to monitor. 10

Discord Competitors to Invest in:

Discord Competitors to Invest in Though it’s not a direct competitor, Element is behind some of the newest innovations in electronics and hardware. Currently, investors are calling Element a stock to buy, so it could be a good time to get in. Skype is owned by Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world. Microsoft acquired Skype years ago and has since then used it as a means of connection for many of its new products. 11 Over the last year, Slack has seen a 50% increase in revenue, which is part of the reason why they’ve captured so much attention.

Can I Buy Discord Stock: Final Thoughts:

Can I Buy Discord Stock: Final Thoughts To date, Discord stock is a communications company that is making a big splash in the world of online discourse and workflow. So, many investors are patiently waiting for an IPO. Though it’s not certain when an IPO will occur, many experts believe it might happen soon, especially with the company stepping away from its multi-billion-dollar offer from Microsoft. 12

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