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Presentation Description | With the compact SUV market exploding, and more and more companies releasing their version of a compact SUV, one company continues to re-innovate themselves to create the best option on the market. The new 2016 Toyota Rav4, is an amazing new model filled with a ginormous amount of options and safety features to keep it top in its class.


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With the compact/small SUV market now bigger than ever and with more and more companies bringing out their interpretation of what is the best SUV Toyota has released a new version of the first and oldest compact SUV on the market—the Rav4.

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Toyota created the first Rav4 in 1996 breaking ground for an entirely new market in the automotive world. The Rav4 is Toyota’s best-selling SUV with 5 SUV models in their current lineup. The Rav4 is the second most inexpensive compact SUV currently on the market. Innovation plus savings makes the Rav4 a strong competitor in this crowded arena. BASIC DETAILS OF THE RAV4

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The Rav4 XLE is a middle of the road model which comes nicely loaded with a ginormous selection of great features. It includes a state-of-the-art navigation system rear back-up camera moonroof and dual zone climate control. The Entune system allows drivers to use the navigation adjust the climate and change audio sources—all while driving.

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These two vehicles are considered top in their class overall. Each vehicle contains an four- cylinder engine. Toyota’s entertainment system is considered supreme amongst its competitors. Also cargo space in the Rav4 is ginormous compared to the Honda CRV.

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Jeep has been around since World War II and first got its name via its 4x4 vehicles used in battle. The Jeep Cherokee is considered to be a car loaded with personality but the Toyota Rav4 is considered to be a much safer vehicle—and many would argue equally stylish. For non-off-road use the Toyota Rav4 is the more reliable option.

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The Mazda CX5 is more expensive than the Toyota Rav4—which scratches it off the list for a lot of consumers. The Mazda CX5 has a smaller cargo space and decreased legroom compared the Rav4. It’s hard for any vehicle to compete with ginormous legroom and cargo space options—with a smaller price tag.

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Outlander is considered to have an interesting interior but complicated to use. Toyota Rav4 has a more comfortable interior and seating options. When considering quality and ease of use the Toyota Rav4 has the upper hand.

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Most compact SUVs on the market use unleaded gas. Only the Volkswagen Tiguan uses premium gas which for many is a turnoff. Most of the compact SUVs achieve 22 mpg in the city and 27mpg on the highway on average. Only the Toyota Rav4 offers a hybrid option which over time can translate into ginormous savings at the pump.

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With the addition of a hybrid engine model the Rav4 can now get 34mpg highway and 31mpg city which is best among compact SUVs. Several of the higher-end models now have LED lighting both internally and externally. The newest safety feature is a bird’s eye view monitor system which allows for panoramic view when backing out or parking.

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