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I would like this post to stay here so that whenever someone searches for David Mau or RETC, they'll know the scam activities of David Mau.


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Fraudster David Mau RETC David Mau

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Fraudster David Mau RETC David Mau RETC which should be better known as the Fra udster Association is a Scam company operate b y David Mau. They required services from the St einberg Valentino and entered into a contract. Of course the RETC probably mistook it for a chari ty donation receipt on our part which would expl ain why they failed to pay as per the agreement.

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Fraudster David Mau RETC When Steinberg Valentino requested payment of the services that it provided the RETC tried evading tactics and kept running around us in circles like some flea-bitten animal. They delibe rately failed to come forth with the money and would send us to first this person and then that person to get our money from. This foolery was continued for several weeks until we realized that they really had no intention of paying at all and were merely playing with us. David Mau

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They treated our request for payment as if we were dema nding charity for social welf are and mollifying us by dir ecting us to different people every single time. Thanks to them our company has suffe red a loss of five thousand d ollars. Our experience of bus iness relations with RETC h as been extremely dreadful. Fraudster David Mau RETC David Mau

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Fraudster David Mau RETC In fact its been equivalent to dealing with shoplifters who enter the shop go through the stuff pocket the items and ru n off like a dog with a bone. With business dealings like th eirs its extremely suspicious why this reputation is not wi dely known. Probably used intimidation to ensure their bus iness dealings don’t leak out. David Mau

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It is unfortunate that we didn’t get wind of their business “stra tegies” beforehand otherwise we would have slammed the do or in their faces when they first approached us. Their business ethics and morals are wholly non-existent. If their top level ma nagement itself consists of professional crooks then it is point less to expect that their underlings would be any different. We hope no one else is hoodwinked and cheated by this trashy so called company. Fraudster David Mau RETC David Mau

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David Mau RETC David Mau az-85251/david-mau-amp-retc-is-better-known-as-the-imposter -and-scammer-company-the-director-o-1472203 Scottsdale AZ United States

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