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I would like this account to stay here so whenever someone searches for David Mau, they'll know the scam activities of him.


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David Mau bit.ly/2RUz83f David Mau RETC

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David Mau RETC David Mau bit.ly/2RUz83f “RETC” a Scammer Company Beware RETC is absolut ely a fraudster’s company run by David Mau. This disrepu table company goes about cheating money from other com panies who deal with them. One of the companies that they have recently defrauded is our own company Steinberg Va lentino. We accomplished our job that RETC hired us for a nd sent them an invoice of five thousand dollars. After that they started with their trickeries and stupid excuses. Probab ly they think they’re running a circus show and took us for some damn fools like themselves. Instead of paying up the y sent us on a wild goose chase by directing us to go to firs t this person then that person.

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David Mau RETC David Mau bit.ly/2RUz83f They had absolutely no intention of paying us. This bunch of thugs was very politely asked to pay us but obviously y ou can’t change the inborn traits of a dog with a bad breed by merely telling it so naturally that’s only a “civilized hu man” characteristic. This disreputable company continued with this lying and shameless behavior for weeks and week s until we forcibly realized that they were just not intereste d in paying at all. Dealing with RETC has been very detrim ental to Steinberg Valentino.

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David Mau RETC David Mau bit.ly/2RUz83f We have been looted out of our lawfu l money and suffered a loss of five th ousand dollars. Not just that they we re also highly unprofessional crude i n their dealings and a complete waste of our energy and time. Others who i n the future will deal with this compa ny “RETC” need to be on their guard from these backstabbing vile and lo w life thieves. The director of this Sc am company itself is just this sort of creature.

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David Mau RETC David Mau bit.ly/2RUz83f Dishonest to his core as we personally f ound. He will “apparently” meet you w ith a smiling and honest front but the minute you complete your part of the d eal you’ll see him change color like a d amn chameleon. Steinberg Valentino is disgusted with this so called company a nd those running it.

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David Mau RETC David Mau bit.ly/2RUz83f https://www.facebook.com/David-Mau-421063705121131/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/david-mau/ https://twitter.com/DavidMauRetc https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/david-mau-retc/scottsdale- az-85251/david-mau-amp-retc-is-better-known-as-the-imposter -and-scammer-company-the-director-o-1472203 Scottsdale AZ United States

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