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Today, many couples are struggling to conceive naturally and modern infertility treatment methods have come to the rescue. Thanawala Maternity Home is the best Gynecology & IVF Infertility Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, providing personalized quality health care to all women with the highest standard care of best results.


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Infertility Treatment at Thanawalas We at Thanawala’s take a holistic approach and advice treatment after considering all factors – Age couples history reports and wishes of the patient. Most of the couples find that knowing this treatment is stressful.

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Understanding Infertility Factors: At the point when we assess the reason for Infertility Treatment – we search for factors which may require adjustment. These variables could be available in either in Male or Female or in both. Male Infertility Factors: During intercourse the man discharges in the vagina and the sperms from the semen swim up into the female conceptive tract to meet the egg. What we do to comprehend male fruitlessness factors – We do semen examination for the male factor – the semen is tried in the research facility and we check the sperm focus and motility. Typically the tally ought to be at any rate 15 million and half ought to be motile. Female Infertility Factors: After a menstrual cycle an egg begins developing in the ovary which will take around 14 days to arrive at a develop size and is then discharged this is known as ovulation. This egg once discharged can possibly meet a sperm and get prepared from an incipient organism – which at that point holds up on to the Endometrial coating of the uterus to develop into a pregnancy. Essentially ovulation happens on

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the fourteenth day before the periods – so in a typical multi day cycle the fruitful days are the center. What we do to comprehend female barrenness factors: Follicular checking is sequential sonography of the ovaries and uterus to see the egg developing and to check whether the endometrial thickness additionally increments with it. When the follicle is prepared – 18-22 mm in size we can time the ovulation by giving a trigger infusion which will encourage the egg to break following 36 hours of this infusion. This is called planned ovulation. Doing this causes us in telling you the best time to have sex – or we can likewise do an IUI Intrauterine Insemination- that is handling the semen and isolating just the great motile sperms and suspend this in a medium – which is then kept in the uterus by an uncommon catheter. This isnt excruciating and noble motivations as much uneasiness as a vaginal sonography. Nonetheless the achievement pace of follicular observing and IUI is around 15. Female Fertile Period Engaging in sexual relations during the prolific time of the cycle can prompt a pregnancy – however that ought not reduce you from having intercourse at whatever point you need. Numerous couples accept that when on a follicular checking cycle – they need to go without till the specialist orders. In a perfect world one ought to keep up a decent sexual recurrence of at any rate three times each week – in

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any event when on treatment. In the event that an IUI is required the specialist will exhort you restraint for 2 days regularly after the trigger infusion is given. In the event that the egg is discharged each month and the semen is likewise acceptable – doubt is then raised if there is some kind of problem with the female life structures. To have a characteristic pregnancy patent fallopian tubes are an absolute necessity. So we test the female pelvic life systems by both of the two strategies HSG – A Xray of the pelvis is done on the tenth day of the period a radio misty color is driven into the uterus and we can see within cavity of the uterus and the cylinders if patent. Preferred position – modest doesnt require affirmation Disservice – Painful if any anomaly is identified – there is a requirement for additional testing like laparoscopy. Hystero – Laparoscopy – A minor usable technique done under sedation to imagine the uterine pit by hysteroscopy and to legitimately observe the pelvis by laparoscopy – and to check if tubes are patent. Favorable position – Complete assessment is done – if there is an issue like bonds or any pathology like endometriosis it tends to be managed. On the off chance that cylinders are hindered an endeavor can be made to open them moreover. Weakness – costly needs admission to medical clinic

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On the off chance that the fallopian tubes are hindered on the above examinations at that point its absolutely impossible normally for the egg to be moved into the uterus and an origination cant occur. Blocked cylinders are the primary sign for In vitro Fertilization IVF unnaturally conceived child IVF/ICSI: This is a strategy by which the eggs are suctioned out from the body by a basic methodology called ovum pickup. In the research center then one sperm is infused into each egg to frame an incipient organism. Incipient organisms are then moved back in the uterus – which ideally will bring about a pregnancy. The achievement pace of this method is higher than IUI – around 40. Book a Visit Solicitation an arrangement to meet Dr. Thanawala and plan your treatment. To know more about Infertility Treatment in Navi Mumbai visit us at

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