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How To Secure Yahoo Mail Account With Its Security Features According to research over the past few years Yahoo account has suffered from various breaches as well as security hacks. By keeping this in mind Yahoo Mail comes with some extra security to keep the account completely safe and secure from the reach of the hackers. In this guide we will discuss some of its extra security features and their role so that you can understand better and choose Yahoo Mail Account for your personal or professional usages. Whereas these features are extensively used by the Yahoo Users every day and they are also broken by the scammers who want to harm you. Download this mail from the official website and click on the Yahoo Mail Download file to install it on your device. Yahoo with its new security features notify you if there’s any email you have received is suspected to be a phishing or spam attempt. Security Features Of Yahoo Mail: Reply- to Alters If Yahoo detects that an email you will receive replies to is other than the one you are sending the message from it will let you know with just a little notification on the top of the message. If you have set up the reply-to function in your email then there is nothing to worry about. But if you didn’t send that then you should secure your account quickly and immediately. Mail Forwarding Alerts Once you log into your account once Mail Forwarding has been set up you will get a notification that alerts you that auto-forwarding has been set up. If you enable it then there’s nothing that needs to be finished. If you didn’t set this up then click or tap on ‘Disable Forwarding’. After that follow on-screen instructions to disable it and then change your password. Spam Alerts

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Once Yahoo detected that an email address sending you a message that looks like spam Yahoo will let you know by calling it out. If you know that the emails are secure just click or tap ‘It is safe’ and you will not receive any notification and pop-ups again. If you’ve any doubts click or tap ‘Restore as Spam’ and we’ll take care of it from there. Phishing Alerts If Yahoo detects that the email sending you looks ‘scams’ or ‘phishing’ we will allow you to know by calling it out. If you know that the email is secure and safe then click or tap on ‘It is safe’ and after that this notification will never bother again. If you’ve any doubts click or tap ‘Report’ and then Yahoo will take care of it from there. If you select to stick with Yahoo Mail or just need a Yahoo account Yahoo Mail Download for the flicker and here are the two strong way to enhance your account security: 1. Set A Strong Password All guides to security would be incomplete without this basic tip. Your Yahoo email account is critical because you use it to log in to multiple services. If someone gets into your Yahoo email then they could reset passwords on other sites and really mess with your online life. That is why you should upgrade your password strength before you do anything else. Even if you are already using a strong password changing it is always the best ideal in the light of the past few breaches. • Download the Yahoo installation file from the official website • Double-click on the Yahoo Mail Download to run the installer and when installed then • Sign in to your Yahoo mail account by entering its account credentials • Now click on the profile picture that appears in the top-right corner • Choose Account Info to your settings • After that click on Account Security tab that appears on the left sidebar • Then click on the Account Security tab that appears on the left sidebar • Choose the Change Password link and then type your new password two times • Follow the on-screen instructions and now you are all set 2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication Just after choosing a strong password ‘enable two-factor verification’ is one of the excellent ways to safeguard your account. Once activated in addition to your password you will have to enter a code that is sent to your phone to sign in again. It ensures that even if anybody steals your password then they cannot get into your account without the permission of your phone • First of all open the Yahoo mail account • Go to the Account Info page that appears on the Account Security tab • Slide the Two-Step verification switch on

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• Then Yahoo will ask for your mobile number • Enter it and then decide if you want to get a text message or call with your code • When you receive the code enter it and click on Verify These are the few security tips that come with Yahoo Mail Account and keep your account safe and secure from the hackers. If you have doubt that your account has been hacked then get in touch with the Yahoo expert by calling on Yahoo Helpline UK. Here you will get instant support to keep your account again safe. Source URL :- security-features/

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