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Need to find EV charging station in Illinois ? Visit today TGEP and get all the information about the EV charging point. And if you are worried about the situated charging point near you then you can visit today at TGEP official website and get to know all the EV charging point near you.


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http:// tgeponline.com/commercial/home Charging Station TGEP: EV Charging Station


Charging Station 4 3 Lorem Ipsum Lorem ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing industry. Click to change this information. 1 EV Solutions 2 ADD-on Solution TGEP provides add-on modules for ClipperCreek Electric Vehicle station which makes it networked, network and software solutions for electric vehicles charging station.  TGEP CS Division sells add-on modules for Clippercreek CS charging stations.  Customers with EV For registered customers on our website they can charge their vehicle in any CS assigned as commercial


Charging Station TGEP ADD-ON For Clippercreek CS series TGEP CS Division sells add-on modules for Clippercreek CS charging stations . These add-on modules transform the Clippercreek CS charging station to a fully automated networked charging station designed for commercial, business and residential applications . WHO IS IT FOR ? Customers with EV:   For registered customers on our website they can charge their vehicle in any CS assigned as commercial/Public in the TGEP network. Click the map search for public charging stations.  CS Owners  :  CS Owner with add-on have two options. They can define their CS ownership as residential or commercial. Commercial CS owners can make money out of the CS when an EV user uses the charging station to charging there vehicle. Property Managers / Lessor :   A system designed for people who put their CS as a lease in parking lots that are not owned by them.  Dealers :  Back-end support for dealers to facilitate their business . WHAT'S INSIDE ? These modules connected to Amazon AWS cloud computing services  through Wi-Fi or cat5e/6 cable connection.  The website provides users with real time data on the charging stations .  


Level 2 Charging Level 1 Charging Fast Charging SLIDE TITLE EV Charging Station


Level 1 :   The slowest type of charging. Utilizations a fitting to associate with the on-board charger and a standard family (120v) outlet. This setup gives in the vicinity of 2 and 5 miles for every hour. While this does not sound at all amazing, it can work for the individuals who travel under 40 miles per day and have throughout the night to charge. http://tgeponline.com/ev-charging-station/level2.html


Level 2 :   Utilization an EVSE(electric vehicle service equipment) to give control at 220v or 240v and up to 30 amps. Drivers can include 10-25 miles of range in a hour of charging at home or at an open station http://tgeponline.com/ev-charging-station/level2.html


Level 3 :   Fast charging having rate of charging above of 250 miles per hours with voltage of 480V. Having advance features. http://tgeponline.com/ev-charging-station/level2.html


TGEP upgrade kit for ClipperCreek CS Series Charging Station is the best automated kiosk for Level 2 EV charging station. The most easiest way to automate a CS station and make revenue of it -- TGEP Chargin g station

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