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Testpitara is India’s largest online courses and E-Learning Portal in India which is provider of MOOC for self evaluation. Testpitara open education platform to learn, teach & earn.


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E-Learning Portal in India :

E-Learning Portal in India TESTPITARA https://www.testpitara.com/ Your Own Virtual Academy


TESTPITARA An Open platform for Knowledge Management across domains. The Build Share Evalute Interact Analyze are the pillars which makes it one of its kind. https://www.testpitara.com/

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Testpitara is the innovative leader in e-Learning, online training and knowledge management platform that allows anyone to share their knowledge, ideas and also learn from other’s knowledge and experience to improve own competence and skills about global subjects through online training courses . https://www.testpitara.com/


OUR AWESOME FEATURES EDU – RECOURSE: Access all the required resources under one roof for cohesive examination preparation NOTES : If reading text heavy documents is tiresome, add images or videos to make your study material interesting Question Bank: Along with available question banks, you can also make your own question bank as per your preference https://www.testpitara.com/

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Study Planner: Monitor your time on subject basis thus managing your time effectively. Share your plans to know the study plan of the topper Quizzes: Create your own quiz in different formats or take our daily quizzes, time your answers and track your progress Exams: Take our paid exams with question banks prepared by experts and get a real time experience of giving the examination https://www.testpitara.com/

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Central: Share , collaborate and discuss ideas within your our central or create your own to keep it within your circle Social: Find and share everything from edu -resources to notes, question banks to quizzes, results to ranking within Test Pitara or on other social networking sites https://www.testpitara.com/

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Testpitara is an open education platform for online courses and aptitude test . Signup and get free online training courses for IIT JEE, Aptitude test, English and other languages , CBSE study material, IBPS, etc. https://www.testpitara.com/

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Contact Us Address: Office no 419, Pride Purple Square, Kalewadi chowk , Pune -411057. Telephone:+91 9552019552 E- mail:[email protected]


Website https ://www.testpitara.com/