Smart Sub Energy-Smart Web based Thermostat for Apartments and Landlor

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Smart Sub Energy-Smart Web based Thermostat for Apartments and Landlords:

Smart Sub Energy-Smart Web based Thermostat for Apartments and Landlords


Contents Introduction Patent Pending Web based Software Installation of Thermostat Controlling the Thermostat Contact us


Introduction We have succeeded in achieving a portfolio of over 500 residential units throughout New York and New Jersey. Due to high heat bills and wastage of energy by residents, our cash flow got reduced. So we came with patent pending web based software to allocate the heat usage for the residents.

Patent Pending Web based Software:

Patent Pending Web based Software With the help of Patent Pending Web based Software, landlords can allocate the exact heat bill consumption without wasting energy. We can calculate the exact run time of each thermostat in a single month. The saving of the thermostat varies between 25% to 30%.

Installation of Thermostat:

Installation of Thermostat The installation of Thermostat is simple, it requires only a minimum work. The Smart Thermostat is Tamperproof and Lockable. During installation, we need to build a network for connecting these Thermostat. Each Thermostat requires a C wire for connection.

Controlling the Thermostat:

Controlling the Thermostat By using Thermostat, we can be able to monitor the residents usage online. We can also control the residents Thermostat when it is connected online. The system can also be shut down incase the outside temperature reaches a certain point with help of thermostat used by landlords.

Contact us:

Contact us To know more information about our services can visit Address: 1640 Anderson Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, USA Ph No: (201) 905-3176 E-mail ID: [email protected] Website: