Here’s a Look at AT&T’s 5G Roadmap for Business

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Here’s a Look at ATT’s 5G Roadmap for Business Presented by: Network Control

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The 5G Roadmap • With companies across America looking towards technology to help improve business outcomes ATT’s new 5G roadmap will bring innovation and connectivity to groundbreaking heights. The new ATT 5G roadmap includes three pillars that promise to usher businesses into a new era of experiences: Mobile 5G Fixed Wireless and Edge Computing.

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Launching the 5G Network • With the launch of the 5G network ATT is building upon the abilities that 4G/LTE first introduced. For businesses that heavily use video content 5G opens the gateway for larger file downloading and uploading. They plan to complete their rollout and network expansion across the country by 2020.

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Dealing with Connection Issues • Each time a broadband connection is interrupted or goes down it’s not only extremely frustrating for consumers but it can be detrimental for businesses. These instances are sometimes unavoidable and fixed wireless offers a welcome solution acting as a backup should occasions like this arise. A fixed wireless solution has become the primary option of connectivity for businesses located in regions that lack the ability to access a fibre connection.

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Multi-Access Edge Compute MEC • Edge computing will give businesses the ability to process data and applications locally helping to support the processing and latency needs of this new wave of technology. ATT’s new edge computing solution called ATT Multi-access Edge Compute MEC can be leveraged using either LTE or 5G connectivity enabling businesses to process and access data quicker and more efficiently.

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Wrap UpAs the first US carrier to launch the 5G business roadmap ATT is an innovator in the space and will likely attract many new businesses that are eager to be ahead of the digital transformation curve.

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