The Importance Of Inventory Management Systems

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Find out how inventory management systems could supercharge the growth of your business:


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The Importance Of Inventory Management Systems By: Network Control

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Inventory management • Inventory management is a system whereby stock and assets are tracked as they enter and leave a destination whether it be a warehouse wholesaler or final point of sale.

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Stock review • Stock review is the easiest method to perform and it is most appropriate for small businesses. The advantage is its simplicity the disadvantages are that its a time consuming process and its highly dependent on the skills and know-how of the person conducting the inventory review.

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The ABC system • The ABC system categorizes goods based on their value/quantity ratio. If you sell fewer higher value goods youll want to keep a smaller quantity of goods in stock. And if you sell more lower value items youll need to keep more of those goods in stock. Therefore you classify your products into levels of value/quantity so that you maximize the value of your overall inventory

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Inventory Management firm • Hiring an Inventory Management firm allows your business to concentrate on its core function instead of spending excessive time maintaining optimal knowledge about the inventory control system being used. Your company can relax knowing that an inventory management expert is continually assessing and reassessing your needs and managing your goods accordingly.

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Wrap Up • An expert management system taking advantage of the most efficient software can free up extra cash flow which can get pretty tight sometimes for smaller or growing companies. If you question the efficiency of your inventory management consider having an expert consultation to evaluate.

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