How Telecom Fraud Is Becoming More Popular


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How Telecom Fraud Is Becoming More Popular :

How Telecom Fraud Is Becoming More Popular BY: NETWORK CONTROL Copyright @ Network Control 1

The Evolution of Tech and Telecom :

The Evolution of Tech and Telecom In the last two decades, the way we communicate with each other seems to have found no limits, whether it be via email, text, chat, voip , ecommerce, social media, etc. Integrating and protecting all of these forms of communication is incredibly complicated and often neglected. Hence, the opportunity for fraudsters to do their work presents itself. As these manufacturers race to offer the best and brightest smart appliances for your purchasing pleasure, they may be somewhat negligent in instilling measures to keep methods of communication from those appliances safe, thus exposing you to penetration by fraudsters into the your larger telecom network. Copyright @ Network Control 2

The Most Common Types of Telecom Fraud  :

The Most Common Types of Telecom Fraud  Call Transfer Fraud Subscription Fraud Internal Fraud Call forwarding fraud Nontraditional telecom fraud Copyright @ Network Control 3

Call Transfer Fraud :

Call Transfer Fraud This kind of fraud involves penetrating a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), and then commandeering the services, transferring calls onto the hacker’s own phone service to place free long distance connections. The operator of the soft switch is completely unable to bill the fraudster’s phone service, and the charges fall back onto the telephone system the PBX belongs to. Copyright @ Network Control 4

Subscription Fraud :

Subscription Fraud Hackers obtain stolen or made up data. They use this data to acquire telecom goods and services for free essentially. Eventually they can build up identity to obtain credit cards, bank accounts, and other lines of credit. Copyright @ Network Control 5

Internal Fraud :

Internal Fraud False answer supervision occurs when fraudsters make uncompleted calls look like completed calls, therefore incurring a charge. Copyright @ Network Control 6

Call forwarding Fraud :

Call forwarding Fraud Call forwarding fraud involves fake call forwarding to phone numbers that accrue charges. Copyright @ Network Control 7

Nontraditional Telecom Fraud :

Nontraditional Telecom Fraud Nontraditional telecom fraud involves IoT (Internet of Things) in which smart device networks are attacked and then exploited to retrieve sensitive data such as usernames/passwords, account numbers, and credit card information. Copyright @ Network Control 8

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