Ted Fick - What Qualities Do Strong Leaders Possess

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Ted Fick - What Qualities Do Strong Leaders Possess


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Ted Fick: What Qualities Do Strong Leaders Possess Ted Fick is a senior executive known for his ability to get results. Adept at identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for improvement innovation and driving dramatic organizational growth Ted Fick has established himself as someone organizations can trust to navigate the complexities of transformation while laying the groundwork for improved profitability and productivity well into the future. And one quality often at the heart of Ted Fick’s success is his talent for leadership development—the ability to identify those individuals with strong leadership qualities and the willingness to supply promising leaders with the tools resources and inspiration they need to realize their full leadership potential. Previous post: Ted Fick: How to Build a Strategic Plan So what qualities does Fick look for when it comes to identifying such potential Ability/Acumen: At the foundational level leaders must possess the basic skills needed to fulfill the needs of the position—to perform the tasks and minutiae involved in the work itself. Attitude/Drive: Strong leaders have both the work ethic and internal drive needed not just to see a task through but to inspire a team to perform beyond its own expectations.

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