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Teckinfo is a leader for contact center solutions & omnichannel call center software. It delivers ivr system, outbound dialer, auto dialer software, social media integration, email management software, live chat for all verticals. Visit:


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1 +91-11-49605588 Unified Contact Center Solution An Omnichannel Call Center Software


Interdialog UCCS is an independent Contact Center Solution & Multichannel C all C enter S oftware offering omnichannel interactions via voice, chat, email, sms , social media etc. Our highly efficient CTI and ACD make our call center software product extremely scalable, while keeping the vital parameters well within limits. IVR System with option of TTS , speech recognition, integration with database & Screen Pop up are some of the salient inbound call center solution features. W e provide very powerful auto dialer software that includes progressive dialer, power dialer, preview dialer & predictive dialer software . 2 Contact Center Solution +91-11-49605588

Call Center Software:

Call Center Software Call Center Software are of three types. These are inbound call center solution, outbound dialer & blended call center solutions (both inbound & outbound). Teckinfo Solutions offers IVR Edge used as IVR System or Inbound Call Center Solution that enable identification & routing of callers to the appropriate agent. We offer Interdialog Dialer used as Outbound Dialer or A uto D ialer S oftware that includes power dialer, preview dialer, progressive dialer & predictive dialer software. If you need a complete unified blended call center software, we offer Interdialog UCCS. 3 +91-11-49605588

Social Media Integration:

Social Media Integration Social Media Integration helps you to handle all social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. It helps you to respond of comment or likes. Comment on post shall be popped-up to Agent. Post back agent’s comment on Facebook Timeline Section Facebook/ Twitter plug-in is used to feed Posts/ Tweets into the ACD ACD routes the communications to the skilled agent 4 +91-11-49605588

Email Management Software:

Email Management Software Along with voice, email communication is the next big thing for contact centers Our email m anagement software can handle very large volumes of emails Emails can be routed based on Skills, Round Robin, Equal Distribution, Subject Based, Sender ID Based & Supervisor Assisted Email Routing Enables higher level of productivity & efficiency. Auto reply to customers & SLA Management 5 +91-11-49605588

Live Chat :

Live Chat Chat is being used extensively by end users for instant communication Our Chat module can easily integrate with client’s website. Chat can be routed based on Skills, Round Robin, Equal Distribution, Subject Based, Sender ID Based & Supervisor Assisted Auto reply to customers with templates Online/ Offline Support & SLA Management Chat Available in all formats 6 +91-11-49605588

Mobile Agent:

Mobile Agent Downloadable from Google Play Store Supports Android Mobile/ Tablets Wi-Fi/ 4G for Data Calls can be patched to mobile Agents over GSM/ PSTN/ SIP Access to Mobile CRM Option for dispositions and closing the call Individual Dashboard 7 +91-11-49605588

Contact Us:

Contact Us 8 +91-11-49605588 Call +91-11-49605588 Website Email [email protected] Skype [email protected] +91-11-49605588