Introduction of Java Technology

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Lara Technologies are providing Software Training Division, Java/J2ee, Android, Web Services, Logical Coding, Basics Of C Language, Soft Skills, Aptitude, Etc.


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Introduction of Java Technology:

Introduction of Java Technology lara technologies

What is Java?:

What is Java? A multi-platform, network-centric, object-oriented programming language Multi-platform It can run on almost any computer platform Network-centric Designed with network in mind – “the network is the computer” Designed for building applications for the Internet Object-oriented It incorporates object-oriented programming model

Key Benefits & Features of Java:

Key Benefits & Features of Java Write Once, Run Anywhere Java is portable and platform independent Network-centric Can work with resources across a network and multi-tier architectures Object-oriented A Java program models a set of objects interacting with each other Robust Strong type checking Exception handling mechanism Automatic memory management Multithreaded A Java application can run several different processes called “threads” simultaneously Security Can download remote code over a network and run it in a secure environment Security levels and restrictions are highly configurable

Key Points:

Key Points Java is multi-platform, network-centric, object-oriented programming language. James Gosling is the inventor of Java. There are three platforms of Java: J2SE, J2EE, J2ME. JDK is a set of tools for developing Java applications. JVM interprets Java programs and allows them to run on any platform. Java is portable, robust, multithreaded, and secured.

Running on Different Platforms:

Running on Different Platforms Java Program Compiler Hello World! Solaris Interpreter Hello World! Win32 Interpreter Hello World! MacOS Interpreter Java is designed to run on any platform whether its is Windows or L inux

Career Prospects in Java:

Career Prospects in Java Computer Programmer Software Applications Developer Trainer of Java Course Application Programmer Programmer Analyst

About Us:

About Us We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a trusted organization in providing Software Training Division.  JAVA/J2EE , ANDROID, WEB SERVICES,  LOGICAL CODING, BASICS OF C LANGUAGE, SOFT SKILLS, APTITUDE etc. located in Bangalore. We have 9 years of experience in training students in Java/J2EE and project driving stream

Contact Us:

Contact Us LARA TECHNOLOGY #8,100 feet Road, BTM Layout, 2nd Stage, Near Udipi Garden Signal , Bangalore - 560029, Landmark: Advith Petrol Bunk. Contact : (080)41310124/41680090, (+91)9663646876. Email : [email protected]

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