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How To Apply Makeup Perfectly Ladies makeup is not a mask it’s a form of art and more importantly – it’s a form of expression. It can be a hell lot of fun to try out different things because you have all the creative freedom to experiment with what you like best.Let’s begin with the pre- makeup routine for healthy skin.

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Exfoliate Exfoliating allows you to remove dead skin cells and reveals a fresher smoother surface for makeup application. All you need to do is scrub in small circular motions and then rinse with warm water. If you don’t already own one make sure to get yourself a good exfoliating scrub with tiny granular particles.

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How To Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup Cleansing Your Face Using A Toner

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How To Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup Applying Moisturizer Apply Sunscreen

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Spray A Light Mist Of Rose Water For Extra Moisture Regardless of whether or not you have dry or oily skin adding a mist of rose water can actually absorb with the moisturizer into your skin and add a natural glow rather than just sit on the surface.

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Allow Your Moisturizer To Sink In Before Applying Your Makeup Applying your makeup too soon after you moisturize can actually cause your makeup to thin out and lead to blotchiness. Make sure you wait at least two to five minutes and let your moisturizer get absorbed.

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Apply Your Primer Applying primer is fairly easy and it has a ton of benefits. For example it can hide acne scars allow for a smoother look help decrease sweating and even help your make up last longer throughout the day. Regardless of your skin type or skin color using primer will literally work wonders so make sure to apply primer where it’s needed.

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