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Check in this presentation and know why branded email is important fro business.


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Branded Email Address – Why is it important for your business Presented By: Ati


Overview Is your business email address still [email protected]? Or perhaps it’s something more exciting like [email protected], or [email protected]? In the world of business, you want to have your own professional, branded email address and website that only promotes your practice. Here are some simple and very obvious reasons why your business should only use a branded email address for all communications. Let’s begin!


Professionalism Using email signatures like @Gmail, @Hotmail and @Yahoo can make your business look inexperienced and unprofessional. If you want your customers to take your business seriously, then it’s important to assure them that you’re a well established business. Where first impressions carry a lot of importance, a branded email address is extremely essential in establishing such an image.


Trustworthiness One of the golden rules of business is to build a relationship of trust with the customer. Communicating with customers using a branded email address ensures they know they’re dealing with the right guys.

Cohesive Brand World:

Cohesive Brand World If you are running an online business, then your website is your company’s primary digital branding hub. People you correspond with might benefit from being reminded that your website exists – and being reminded where to find it.

Cost Effective:

Cost Effective An email account costs nothing in comparison to the benefits you get from them. Many businesses consider investing in business emails as a wasteful expense. However, once they start using the mails, and see the benefits, they realize the true value for their money.

It’s FREE:

It’s FREE If you have a domain name then chances are that you already have a few email addresses that you can setup for free. Web hosting companies provide free email addresses with their hosting packages.


Conclusion If you’re still using an unbranded email address for your business, we hope these reasons have helped change your mind. It’s time you give your business the attention it deserves! Bring the change and let your business grow.


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