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Have you injured in a car accident? Tebby Clinic is the best place for you, our chiropractor is known for effective auto injury treatments in Charlotte NC. If you experience pain due to auto injury book an appointment online by simply searching


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Automobile Accident Injury (whiplash) First and foremost, if there are any signs of injury or life threatening injuries, contact 911 or proceed directly to the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital.

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Medical Massage Therapy Massage therapy in Charlotte North Carolina isn’t a treatment but an aid to a healthy lifestyle. Forms of massage are facets of medicine that helps improve pain and improves mobility and is a great compliment to chiropractic treatment

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WHIPLASH SYMPTOMS A Hyper-extension hyper-flexion injury is the common term used to describe any neck injuries. Your head is thrown to the side or backward violently and vertebrae, joints, discs, and ligaments can be ruined.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR HEADREST (IIHS) and consumer reports have seen great improvements in the efficacy of headrests to stop whiplash-related injuries in a crash, but the IIHS also rated almost half of headrests as poor for automobiles

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