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Want to get rid of the pain resulting due to sports injuries, auto injury, or auto accident injuries? Tebby Clinic is ready to help you, we provide affordable and advanced chiropractic care for injured patients. To book an appointment online, simply search


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About Tebby Clinic Visit an experienced Charlotte NC Chiropractor for chiropractic care to get fast relief from pain resulting due to sports injuries, auto injury or auto accident injuries or for just family chiropractic or health and wellness care

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What can a Chiropractor do? As expected from a Charlotte NC chiropractor, we can diagnose the injury and the resulting pain and also we can measure severity of pain. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will be given a treatment advice that will include physical therapy and exercises

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Automobile Accident Injury One of the most common statements that is heard equates property damage to the amount of damage a person will have physically (whiplash ). This argument for auto accident injury holds absolute no relevance in the real world and is utterly false

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Medical Massage Therapy Massage therapy in Charlotte North Carolina isn’t a treatment but an aid to a healthy lifestyle. Forms of massage are facets of medicine that helps improve pain and improves mobility and is a great compliment to chiropractic treatment

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DOT Exam In Charlotte North Carolina It is mandatory under federal guidelines for Commercial Driving License (CDL) applicants to pass DOT or Department of Transportation health exam. The Charlotte DOT exam aims to check the physical and mental capability of a commercial driver

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