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Are you a pain sufferer in Charlotte? At Tebby Clinic, our best chiropractors help thousands of people to resolve their underlying health problems. At our chiropractic wellness center in Charlotte, we treat neck pain, back pain, headaches & auto injuries. We take a holistic approach to the individual’s health & wellness goals. Visit now at


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Chiropractic Wellness Center in Charlotte | Advanced Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic Wellness Center in Charlotte | Advanced Chiropractic Care

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What can a Chiropractor do? As expected from a Charlotte NC chiropractor, we can diagnose the injury and the resulting pain and also we can measure severity of pain. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will be given a treatment advice that will include physical therapy and exercises that you can practice as home. We encourage you to view our exercise videos and our educational videos for more information. We will also instruct you on things that can be done to prevent further injuries so you rehabilitation goes quickly and your health and wellness return quickly.

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How treatment is provided? Chiropractic care and chiropractic manipulation along with physical therapy procedures, coupled with massage therapy helps the patient during the recovery process. This Charlotte health center uses the most current advanced chiropractic techniques to speed up the injury recovery time. The process could be slow but it gives long lasting results. Throughout the chiropractic treatment, the patient is instructed in activities that they may do at home, to reduce the chances that their injury returns. Our Charlotte chiropractor can help with pain from car accidents and has a special interest in sports medicine as well as family chiropractic and overall health and wellness. Chiropractic care is ideal for patients of all ages and especially helpful with headache pain, neck pain, back pain, joint pain and shoulder pain or carpal tunnel syndrome . Our chiropractic approach in providing treatment is to reduce the dependency on pain medications and provide long lasting pain relief and pain management in this Charlotte chiropractic center.

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Automobile Accident Injury One of the most common statements that is heard equates property damage to the amount of damage a person will have physically (whiplash ). This argument for auto accident injury holds absolute no relevance in the real world and is utterly false. There exists no peer reviewed research paper expounding such an idea . When people are involved in car accidents, they often do not know what to do to treat these type of injuries. First and foremost, if there are any signs of injury or life threatening injuries, contact 911 or proceed directly to the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital . If you do not find any signs of injury that require immediate attention, contact Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic, your auto accident injury Chiropractor Charlotte NC, for an evaluation of your spine, soft tissues, and nerves.

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