MI 101 Lesson 13 audio Church missions program and finances


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Faith promise, tithing, deputation, furlough, retirement are covered in this lecture


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Introduction to Missions Lecture 13:

Introduction to Missions Lecture 13 MI Dr. Robert Patton

Introduction of Missions:

Introduction of Missions Lesson 13E Financing World Evangelism Dr. Robert Patton

Three types of giving:

Three types of giving Spare change – does not affect our living Giving as tithing, etc. – giving that affects our living and lifestyle Giving of your living – requiring the grace of God

Three types of giving:

Three types of giving Remember : Romans 8:32 He that spared not his own son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Three FORMS of giving:

Three FORMS of giving Tithe – 10% of first fruits, give off your gross Offerings: I believe that an offering is ABOVE the tithe, not below it – I have taught that to our people in Suriname. Mal. 3:8-10 shows that we can ROB God with tithes and offerings

Church giving:

Church giving Some churches give a budgeted amount – or they are required to contribute, such as the Southern Baptist Convention Some give 10% of their income Some have faith promise

Three FORMS of giving:

Three FORMS of giving Faith promise – Commit each year for missions a specific amount trusting that God will provide. Do this ahead, and trust God. Usually the amount increases yearly as your faith increases Do it in faith Do it regularly – 1 Cor. 16:1-7

What about other types?:

What about other types? Material goods Property Time and talents Unusual example – Hanna gave up Samuel before he was even conceived

How to give – two ideas:

How to give – two ideas Local church giving Funnel everything through the local church Also – Para-church giving Personally, I believe that the tithe is for the local church I would want this giving to be above and beyond the local church

The Mission Program of the Local Church:

The Mission Program of the Local Church The Church is Responsible for World Evangelism


Introduction A thought - We say that the missionary must have a call to go. But should not the local pastor also have a call to stay?

Leadership is key:

Leadership is key “ If we believe that Missions is a biblical mandate, we will emphasize missions throughout the total church program.” A pastor or and teacher must have a missions worldview as much as the missionary must have one.

The pastor is the leader:

The pastor is the leader Will he teach on missions? Will he preach on missions? Pastor, will you have missionaries into your pulpit?

The pastor is the leader:

The pastor is the leader Pastor , will you specifically pray for your church’s supported missionaries? What form of missionary financial involvement will you have? For example, faith promise?

Pastoral involvement:

Pastoral involvement The key to the degree of a church’s commitment to missions depends heavily on a missions-minded pastor. His leadership will help the church move ahead with a vibrant missionary program. His devotion to the cause of missions will do much toward causing the church to catch a “vision for missions.”

Pastoral commitment:

Pastoral commitment Missions is not limited to a conference once a year or a Wednesday evening service once a month. Missions is not part of what we do, it is what we do We just do it in different places

Who is involved:

Who is involved The Pastor The Deacons The Staff The teachers and youth workers Bus captains and other workers One key is a very active missions committee chairman

Short term missions:

Short term missions Have key men of the church go, and not just young people, or have them go with a youth pastor or another mature leader Anticipate that God may work in the heart of the young people – Pray for and solidify their call

Youth involvement:

Youth involvement M issions presentations. I have seen many churches where the missionary speaks to the adults (or even the senior citizens) and they have the teenagers go to their own “fun activities” Short term missions – should be missions, and not a travel adventure

Local international outreach:

Local international outreach International students at local universities Internationals living in the area

Presenting Missions to the Church:

Presenting Missions to the Church Missionary Maps Hall of Missionaries Posters Bulletin boards

Presenting Missions to the Church:

Presenting Missions to the Church Missionary display/room Giving graph or chart Missionary prayer band Prayer letters read and prayed for

Presenting Missions to the Church:

Presenting Missions to the Church What are your ideas? Preaching on missions from the pulpit Teaching on missions from the Sunday school, etc Missionary stories

Yearly Missions Conference:

Yearly Missions Conference Get everyone involved, including the children Bring in missionaries for support, and also veteran missionaries. Show their ministries Keep track of your missionaries and pray for them  

Yearly Missions Conference:

Yearly Missions Conference Emphasize faith promise missions Start with a yearly conference Set goals for your people, and pledges

Provide Information:

Provide Information “To encourage an interest in missions, church members need to be informed about missions. Information can begin interest Increased interest will promote involvement.”

Provide Information:

Provide Information ” Include missionary information in the Sunday Bulletin Bookstore / Church Library should have books on Missions and missionaries. Missionary publications and magazines made available to all .

Provide Information:

Provide Information Slides / Videos from the field. Video/Audio messages from your missionaries Missions-oriented music should be sung Church Missionary Booklets / Website that tells information on all your missionaries.

Provide Information:

Provide Information Missions needs pulpit emphasis! Missionary speakers! Specific Missionary prayer requests.

Encourage specific involvement :

Encourage specific involvement : Camp decisions – encourage young people Work with parents, who often discourage their young people Consider missionary work as Combined with overseas work Mid-life change Retirement change

Helping your missionaries:

Helping your missionaries The pastor is the primary counselor for missionary candidates Personal qualifications and problems Family situation in order Schooling as necessary What schools are compatible with the church What schools will give the student proper training

Helping your missionaries:

Helping your missionaries The primary problems for a new missionary heading for the field are: Housing Transportation Contacts into churches Opportunities for experience Pastor, help your missionary

Opportunities for service:

Opportunities for service Many ministries are excellent training for service overseas Bus route Music Youth Children Camp

Opportunities for service:

Opportunities for service Teaching Preaching Counseling – e.g. in camp Many practical outlets

Help with contacts:

Help with contacts Contact with other churches and pastors Take him to a pastor’s meeting – arrange to meet other pastors, perhaps to speak Encourage him to use other contacts Family Work School

Helping on furlough:

Helping on furlough The pastor can help the missionary on furlough, especially with Housing Transportation Possible training/useful service during furlough time

Help retiring missionaries:

Help retiring missionaries The pastor can help the retiring missionary with Dealing with the feelings of loss and readjustment to the USA Housing Financial advice The missionary may need advice & help with health issues or family problems

Responsibility is with the local church:

Responsibility is with the local church Many here will be pastors, teachers, laymen What will YOU do in world evangelism?