Mi 507 audio Discipleship Lesson 4.1 Ch. 10-12


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Discipleship Lesson 4


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Personal Development of the Missionary:

Personal Development of the Missionary MI 507 Dr. Robert Patton

Personal Development of the Missionary:

Personal Development of the Missionary Spiritual Discipleship Lesson 4 Chapters 10-12 Dr. Robert Patton

Spiritual maturity:

Spiritual maturity Let us go on – press on – to maturity Don’t stop too soon – press on Don’t get discouraged – press on Don’t think that you have to do it alone

What do we need?:

What do we need? Self-discipline Perseverance But first submit to the Lordship of Christ

Keep looking :

Keep looking Keep looking unto Jesus – so that we are transformed to resemble Him – 2 Cor. 3:18 The Holy Spirit gradually works into our life more Christlikeness

God’s external disciplines:

God’s external disciplines God can speed up the process – usually through trials Shadrack , Meshak & Abednego Isaac & Abraham on Mt. Moriah What is our attitude to these challenges? See 2 Corinthians 11:23 ff.

Our attitudes:

Our attitudes Fatalist – like “if Allah wills …” Stoic – defy circumstances, stand tough Epicurean – eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow we die Joyful embracing as part of growth – even through tears – but a process, not a single crisis

Attitudes toward trials:

Attitudes toward trials God means it for testing – refining and removing the alloy & dross Satan means it for tempting, probing for a weak spot to attack In the life of Joseph we see both Brothers for evil But God for good

Promises during trials:

Promises during trials James – count it joy …develop patience: James 1, esp. V erse 12 Paul – I Corinthians 10:13 – God limits the testing and makes a way of escape God is faithful He is sovereign He is impartial He is powerful

Satan times his testing:

Satan times his testing Satan knows how to maximize the impact of the test. Thus we need to be disciplined and alert. Our enemy is a roaring lion seeking to devour us

Healthy habits:

Healthy habits God promises to give us both the power and the will to do His commands – Phil 2:13 The Holy Spirit will empower us Habits – key to have consistent devotional life

Quiet Time:

Quiet Time Principles to guide Commands to obey Examples to follow Promises to claim

Olympics on earth, preparation for heaven:

Olympics on earth, preparation for heaven For an Olympic gold medal, athletes will do incredible thing Disciples are disciplined believers. The fruit of the spirit is …. self-control Not just limited to the young. Paul did not want to sit on the bench! And the race is a marathon, not a sprint

Paul’s race and fight:

Paul’s race and fight He played by the rules – God’s Word! The Word gives direction, but also promises adequate power to finish the race Hebrews 12:1 We need to shed all the hindrances in our lives, including besetting sins

Fix our eyes on the finish:

Fix our eyes on the finish Jesus is the goal – and we need to fix our eyes on Him. Looking to Jesus Heb. 12:2; I press toward the mark – Phil. 3:13-14 Paul disciplined his body like a true boxer

The final prize:

The final prize For the Olympic victor – a laurel leaf crown which would soon dry out For the Christian – the crown of righteousness awarded by Jesus Christ Himself – to all who love his appearing


Compassion Example – William Carey working as a cobbler with a globe in front of him People are lost, not just because they never heard, but because they are sinners like us We need to realize that the lost are really lost. Scripture is very clear

Heathen have some light:

Heathen have some light Heathen have the witness of Creation Conscience

What do we need?:

What do we need? To m An eye to see the spiritual need. Jesus saw them helpless, as sheep without a shepherd A heart to feel – Jesus wept A hand to move – to work