MI 507 Lesson 14 with audio - Chapters 13-15-3

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Outline of main points on Discipleship lessons 13-15 on prayer, surrendering rights, and setting a Godly example


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Personal Development of the Missionary:

Personal Development of the Missionary MI 507 Dr. Robert Patton

Personal Development of the Missionary:

Personal Development of the Missionary Spiritual Discipleship Lesson 5 Chapters 13-15 Dr. Robert Patton


Prayer We do not know what to pray about Rom 8:26 God’s interests come first First ½ of the prayer in Mt. 6 is focused on God Worship and praise and thanksgiving appropriate


Prayer We can pray with authority from God, but we must trust and exercise this authority We fight with spiritual weapons – 2 Cor. 10:3-4 We fight against spiritual power in high places Jesus gave power to his disciples: Luke 10:18-19 I have given you authority…to overcome all the power of the enemy

aggressive prayer:

aggressive prayer We need to claim our position in Christ – we must believe and pray aggressively with faith We must exercise our delegated authority

aggressive prayer:

aggressive prayer Samuel Chadwick contended that Satan fears nothing from prayer-less studies, teaching, and preaching. “He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.” Why – because we join hands with God

Our prayers are too small:

Our prayers are too small Thou art coming to a King! Large petitions with thee bring, For His grace and power are such, None can ever ask too much.

We can agonize:

We can agonize Wrestle in prayer Pray with importunity Luke 11 – friend with no bread Luke 18 – the unrighteous judge Pray with persistence Sometimes we must persist because we are not yet fit to receive an answer

Why no answer?:

Why no answer? Wrong motives – self-centered focus Not the prayer of faith, but the prayer of hope, or faith in prayer rather than faith in God Failure to ask Lack of faith in God Or not yet… Moses in the promised land 1400 years later

The disciple’s right:

The disciple’s right It is not about giving up bad things for Christ, but giving up what is OUR BEST for Him. Paul wants things that are not only lawful but Constructive Beneficial Subject to him – not allowing any to master him Even athletes do this

Christ our example:

Christ our example He gave up all His privileges to live on earth He set a standard and example for us He was willing to sacrifice all, even life itself

Paul gave up:

Paul gave up The right to enjoy eating and drinking – especially for pleasure The right to a normal marital life The right to normal rest and recreation The right to appropriate remuneration His purpose – nothing must hinder the spread of the gospel

We are called to do so too:

We are called to do so too We are offered eternal rewards We can avoid some of the meaningless striving for things

The disciple’s example:

The disciple’s example People are looking for reality and a godly example This is even true of the slave and the young man Our lives should adorn the gospel – in private as well as in public

What to do?:

What to do? Train yourselves to be godly Compensate for your youth Speech Lifestyle Love Faithfulness Purity


Timothy Public reading of scripture Preaching Teaching

Don’t neglect your gift:

Don’t neglect your gift Timothy received it when hands were laid on him He should develop it to the fullest

Demonstrate spiritual progress:

Demonstrate spiritual progress Work to progress – seen by all Show the fruit of the spirit in your life in an increasing degree – all 9 characteristics Show perseverance in them

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