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http://www.taylorandmartin.com/sell/the-auction-process.aspx | If you are looking to sell your large equipment, Taylor & Martin, Inc. would be happy to assist you in this process. With a strong list of potential buyers as well as years in the auction business, Taylor and Martin can ensure that your equipment is sold fast, for a price that makes it worth your while. Contact Taylor & Martin, Inc. Auctioneers today.


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The Taylor & Martin Auction Process:

The Taylor & Martin Auction Process

Worldwide Advertising for Your Truck Auction:

Worldwide Advertising for Your Truck Auction Advertise your equipment nationally and internationally before your truck auction begins. Get your equipment seen in leading trade journals and newspapers. Rest easy knowing that your equipment is getting the advertising it needs before your truck auction starts.

Don’t Stress Over Paperwork:

Don’t Stress Over Paperwork We handle the transfer of all titles for you. All funds will be collected and dispersed, so you won’t have to deal with billing or finance. Don’t worry about having to secure titles on your own or worry about dealing with lease or finance companies directly.

A Complete Turnkey Service:

A Complete Turnkey Service Get the maximum market value for your equipment. Sell your equipment without worrying about the small details. Enjoy marketing services that advertise your truck auction equipment to the largest possible audience.

Appraisal and Cleanup Done for You:

Appraisal and Cleanup Done for You You won’t have to worry about hiring an independent appraiser—one is provided for you. Have your equipment professionally cleaned as part of your auction package. Forget about having to deal with local and federal regulations. We make sure that all laws are followed.

Full Service on Auction Day:

Full Service on Auction Day Auctioneers and clerks are provided on the day of the auction. We bring in sales experts to answer any buyer questions before and during the sale. Get transportation to and from your equipment auction.

Post-Sale Support:

Post-Sale Support We cover title distribution for all equipment sales. We collect and disperse payments for you. Receive a detailed sales report for all of your equipment.

Full Marketing Support:

Full Marketing Support Your equipment will be photographed and catalogued for potential buyers. We engage the audience who is most interested in purchasing your equipment. Gain access to our extensive customer list through email marketing.

Auction Service Extras:

Auction Service Extras We provide translators for Hispanic buyers. Attendees for the auction have the benefit of a professional travel agent for lodging and accommodations. We coordinate all buyer registration ahead of time to ensure the best buyers for your equipment.

Contact Us:

Contact Us www.taylorandmartin.com 800-654-8280 www.twitter.com/taylorandmartin

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