First Day of School 2015-2016

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Welcome to forest hill high school 2015-2016:

Welcome to forest hill high school 2015-2016 Keystone class expectations Mrs. Tawana Magee, Teacher

I believe…:

I believe… In your ability! You can apply what you learn! You add value to our class! In you!

What is keystone?:

What is keystone? keystone courses introduce students to career pathways and career decision making. You get to explore various career fields and learn what ‘professionalism’ means.

classroom expectations:

classroom expectations Come to class on time. Come to class prepared. Respect others and their property. Resist the urge to curse-no profanity!

attendance policy:

attendance policy Daily attendance is important! if you’re not here, you will miss something and we will miss you! Class Participation is a part of your daily grade. make it to class before the bell rings, not as the bell rings; you will be tardy. Don’t be late!

Tardy policy…I’m late, I’m late!:

Tardy policy…I’m late, I’m late! If you are not in your desk when the bell rings, guess what… you are tardy! 1 st tardy-it’s a freebie; You only get one shot! 2 nd tardy-Grade of 50 on Bell Ringer 3 rd Tardy-grade of zero on bell ringer 4 th tardy- grade of zero and call to parent 5 th tardy- grade of zero and office discipline referral More than that? Conference with parent and administrator will be necessary to discuss a solution.

Grading policy:

Grading policy A: 90-100 B: 89-80 C: 79-70 D: 69-60 F: 59 and below Grade calculations are as follows: 30% tests 30% projects and quizzes 30% classwork/daily grade/participation 10% homework

Homework policy:

Homework policy Homework will be assigned if there is not enough time in class to finish an assignment. Individual projects are to be completed on at home.


Remember: We will work hard, but we will have fun! We will not always agree, but we will compromise! We may fail, but we won’t quit! We will struggle a little, but succeed more! Welcome class of 2019!