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The C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter Vol.2 / No.4 April 2015 ISSN 2375-706X 1 | P a g e . . . If the EEOC finds that an employer or a charging party lied during the course of an investigation then that fact may influence the investigation’s outcome. Moreover it may influence the outcome of litigation or may be used at trial to discredit a witness. Making a “material” misrepresentation during an EEOC investigation could be considered a punishable crime under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001. The requirement that a fraudulent statement be “material” is met if the statement has the “natural tendency to influence or is capable of influencing the decision of the decision- making body to which it is addressed.” U. S. v. Gaudin 515 U.S. 506 510 1995. Notably a lie can be “material” even if it fails to convince the decision-maker to reach a different conclusion in the case. T. Ward Jordan L Rep. Elijah Cummings C Paulette Taylor R Federal Anti-Discrimination Bill Gets Bi-Partisan Support By Tanya Ward Jordan On March 24 2015 Representative Elijah Cummings introduced the bill entitled Federal Employee Anti-discrimination Act. The bill H.R. 1557 includes measures the Coalition For Change Inc. C4C recommended to provide more accountability and transparency in the Federal equal employment opportunity program. Such measures include language that  prohibits employers from using settlement agreements within the EEO process to “waive” an employee’s right to make a disclosure to Congress the Office of Special Counsel or the Office of Inspector General and  requires employers to provide “electronic notices” to employees when an agency or the EEOC finds that a discriminatory or retaliatory act has occurred. The C4C prepared its letter supporting the bill and a joint letter with the Make It Safe Coalition. Read Washington Post article which briefly discusses C4C contribution to the bill. Above C4C officers receive certificate award from Rep. Elijah Cummings. THE C4C FEDERAL EXCHANGE THE COALITION FOR CHANGE INC. C4C MONTHLY NEWSLETTER ISSN 2375-706X Volume 2 / No. 4 April 2015 HIGHLIGHTS IN THIS ISSUE: TOXIC: Racism and Sexism at the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2 EXPOSED: Former Head of the Office Special Counsel-Scott Bloch 3 The STRUGGLE Poem 3 A GOOD READ: The Value of the EEOC 3 CITIZEN FOUR – Documentary 4

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2 | P a g e The C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter Vol.2 / No.4 April 2015 ISSN 2375-706X C4C MEMBERS’ CORNER . . . C4C Outreach Chair - Mr. Isaac Decatur pictured at right stands with fellow supporter in recognition of the 50 th anniversary of the Selma march which highlighted racial injustice in the south. The march which originally took place in 1965 contributed to passage that year of the Voting Rights Act. In the photo above Veteran Decatur holds a sign stating: Enforce Civil Rights Laws Now The C4C’s Mental Spiritual and Wellness Chair - Ms. Arthuretta Holmes-Martin represented C4C at this year’s Association for the Study of African American’s ASALH 89 th Black History gathering in Washington DC. TOXIC WORKPLACE U.S. Department of Agriculture Case: Alicia Dabney Firefighter Ms. Dabney a Native American once served as an Apprentice firefighter Sequoia National Forest. She was fired from the U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA after filing EEO complaints speaking out publicly about Region 5 civil rights issues and participating in the Vercruysse Class Complaint. While serving as an USDA employee Ms. Dabney reports that she was 1 pressured from male coworkers to have sex 2 forced to tell her supervisor each month when her period started 3 forced to urinate outside of the crew vehicle in front of the men because they refused to stop at rest stops and 4 physically assaulted by a male firefighter. Hear VIDEO CLIP of harassing explicit and graphic sex talk from a male fire-fighter to Ms. Alicia Dabney.

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3 | P a g e The C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter Vol.2 / No.4 April 2015 ISSN 2375-706X A GOOD READ ARTICLE: The Value of the EEOC: Reexamining the Agencys Role in Employment Discrimination Law “Whatever the EEOCs original mission and whatever the original hope today the agency is clearly a failure serving . . . as little more than an administrative obstacle to resolution of claims on the merits” -- Michael Selmi Link http://www.uakron.edu/dotAsset/726982.pdf THE STRUGGLE What makes it right for me to suffer because of the color of my skin I have just as much as intelligence and character from within. It’s not the way my hair looks that should allow me to be treated different or unjust. It’s the beautiful intelligent person I thought ……that you should want to discuss Our forefathers have fought so hard in the dark and dreary past. It seems their hardest fight is half won and we still come in last I take pride in the struggle they all had to endure. Some days it’s hard to understand or to even be sure if the struggle was to end discrimination and live in harmony. Why are we still in the struggle Why are we still not “Free” I thought that the purpose meant that either a boy or a girl … Would stand a fair chance to live free in society and free from discrimination. I think it’s time for all to understand reality and stop the procrastination. We must all stand for freedom … for every person we know We must trust that God will cover us Where ever we may go. Let freedom ring and teach the children so they all know That the struggle is real fight the good fight as it seems to have no end. It is a struggle we must endure together and together we will win. The goal is to end discrimination and live free as any other. To love each other as sisters and as brothers. I look to God to change what’s happening today Free us all from Hatred Harassment and Discrimination I pray Juanita W. Kennedy EXPOSED SCOTT BLOCH The former head of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel 2003-2008 is an attorney. The former political appointee of President George W. Bush practices law in Washington D.C. In 2010 after a FBI investigation related to obstruction of justice Bloch pled guilty to criminal contempt of Congress and was sentenced to one day in jail two years probation and ordered to pay a 5000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service. Read More: “Former federal official sentenced to probation with a day in jail” Washington Post A.E. Marimow June 24 2013

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4 | P a g e The C4C Federal Exchange Newsletter Vol.2 / No.4 April 2015 ISSN 2375-706X Just In Case You MISSED It . . . Click Heading RADIO C4C President T. Ward Jordan speaks about new bill to address federal workplace discrimination – Begins circa 18 minutes into program GAO REPORT – Federal Workforce: Improved Supervision and Better Use of Probationary Periods Are Needed to Address Substandard Employee Performance HOMELAND SECURITY: Johnson McCaskill Release Report on Allegations of Misconduct by Former DHS Acting IG. MERIT SYSTEMS PROTECTION BOARD: Number of MSPB appeals reversed at the Federal Circuit in FY 2011. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: Missouri lieutenant governor: ‘There is more racism in the Justice Department’ than in the St. Louis area YOUTUBE: Does Racism Make Us Sick Research-packed presentations about how discrimination segregation and other aspects of racism engender health disparities. FILM: Citizen Four – The documentary is about Edward Snowden the whistleblower who shined the light on the National Security Agency NSA and its illegal and nefarious spying on the public. MISSED A FEDERAL EXCHANGE Go to --- http://issuu.com/home/publications Published by The Coalition For Change Inc. C4C --c4ccoalition4change.org Phone: 202-810-5985

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