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Time MYP1 MYP2 MYP3 MYP4 MYP5 DP1 DP2 4:00-4:15 Welcome (Main Hall) 4:15- 4:30 Form Miss Dionne/ Miss Kim Miss Diana/ Mr Malay Mr Ryan/ Miss Luz Mr Glyn Mr William Miss Armelle/ Miss Mila 4:35-4:45 Maths Spanish/French Science Geography Geography Art/Music Art/Music 4:47- 4:57 Science Maths Spanish/French Art/Music Art/Music History History 4:59-5:09 Humanities Science Art English Maths Geography Geography 5:11-5:21 PE/Swimming English Tech/IT Spanish/French Spanish/French Self Taught Biology English 5:23-5:33 Art Music Humanities Science English Spanish/French Self Taught Spanish/French 5:35-5:45 Spanish/French Art PE Technology Science Theory Of Knowledge 5:47- 5:57 English Tech/IT Music History History Maths Biology 5:59 – 6:09 Tech/IT Humanities Maths PE PE English Maths 6:11 – 6:21 Music PE/Swimming English Maths Technology 6:21 – 7:00 Refreshments (Main Hall)

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Use the map and the teachers room numbers.

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Information received should allow you to be able to understand and dissect the reports What do the categories mean? What is the unit basically about. What categories will be assessed in the summative assessment and how?

A little reminder – but we will have more on this another time:

A little reminder – but we will have more on this another time

Like school but not like school:

Like school but not like school This is an informative evening and therefore you will get lots of information on the courses without the fun of the inquiry based work that we do with students. However you can of course be inquirers and find out more at home by looking at our school Moodle Site. Nb. All students now have a @ tcs -students email and google docs account with their moodle log in.

Some Extra Information:

Some Extra Information There are times in which teachers will stay behind after school to offer drop in tutoring sessions. Students will need to have parental permission and be signed up with Summer by 10 in the morning for any sessions to attend. Email coming soon…. And Finally

Advertising break We need you for…..:

Advertising break We need you for….. Gardening Club Recycling Club PTA School Library Inter-disciplinary week Future Dates of Parent Workshops Oct 10 th - Introduction to the MYP November 14 th - Asessement in the MYP

Time to Get Studying!:

Time to Get Studying!

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