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Fieldwork Follow Up 2500 word write up:

Fieldwork Follow Up 2500 word write up Can we determine if and why there are physical differences along a bay beach?

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Note the idea about maps – hand drawn or if you use non-original, make it your own by adding overlays, or be creative.

Get your work out and lets see how you have done on the first section:

Get your work out and lets see how you have done on the first section

Vegetation information and soils:

Vegetation information and soils We still have some more information to add to our data tables. This will need doing by all people. Morgan will provide the photos, I will provide the books. But…. You will have to figure out the names yourselves… The bags of soil/ sand… How could we use these to find further relevant information?

Next thing to Tackle – The Method:

Next thing to Tackle – The Method So what type of sampling methods did we use and why. When did we sample.. Collecting wave data Collecting beach profile data Collecting vegetation transect data Collecting other information – cliffs, human action? What were you doing when you did field sketches? For each: How and why you collected info this way! It rained earlier in the morning. Would you put this here or not?



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Annotated maps, sketch maps, Profiles Kite diagrams of vegetation Statistical analsysis of moisture, light, organic content (yet to be done) There must be some individual research and choice as to the best way to present this information.

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You could look at some tempporal differences here to help explain…