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Hire android developer for your project,we are android developer agency and company for develop androids apps and have experts android teams for freelance work


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How to Hire Android Developers Android has no doubt become one of the most popular mobile operating systems. Irrespective of the nature of your business there is a pressing need to support mobility of your workers and their devices and you want to be always accessible for your customers. In order to do that you need high quality mobile application which puts your brand in good light among your customer. If you need to manage complex internal operations you want to make sure that you give your team a reliable hassle free tool – a good Android app. Now how do you go about hiring the right android developer or android developers agency for your app Why Hire Android developers from an Agency You need someone you can count on someone who is interested in a long-term relation with you. Your business app will not always remain the same. Your business requirements will evolve and your Android app will need to keep up. Individual developer may give you a lower quote but what if he quits freelancing How do you know that he is really capable Agencies on the other hand are in the business of developing apps so they will always arrange to get your work done even if they have to hire a new developer to do so. Agencies care for their reputation and they put a professional interface between you and the developers.

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How to Hire Android Developers from an Agency: Post your Requirements : Post your requirements on various forums and many agency representatives will get in touch. You can try using Upwork Freelancer or even Google for a few agencies and get in touch with the right agencies Check their website First thing you may want to do is check the website of the agency before you start any further discussions. You will get a feel of what kind of projects they have done where are they based and so on. Ask for sample portfolio and references Once the agency representative have made his pitch ask for portfolio and references if he hasn ’t provided them already. You should always ask him for a project which is similar to your requirements. So if you want them to develop a solution to manage your logistics ask for apps related to GPS tracking order tracking mapping routes etc. If you are a fashion brand you may check if they have worked for another fashion brand before. You may even want to download and use one of their apps. Evaluate the fitment Many agencies do just about everything so you may want to check whether they really fit your

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requirements. Lowest price quote may not be necessarily the best option. Similarly a very high quote doesn ’t guarantee high quality of work. In the app agency business you will always find providers who would like you to believe that high price means high quality. Similarly you will also find providers who will do it for throw away prices because you are their first real client and something is better than nothing. You must be very very objective in your evaluation. One possible approach would be to do some evaluation with a small task. But remember there are fake clients out there so many good providers wouldn ’t want to do your small task for free. “How will you guarantee the quality ” First question you should be asking is “How will you guarantee the quality ” Now many providers will throw around the terms like bug-free and so on. But wait no software is completely bug-free . Never So you should ask for some measurable metric like “99 + sessions will be bug-free ”. You should also ask how would you measure it Fortunately there are several tools available like Crashlytics which will show how many of your sessions or how many users encountered crashes / application failures etc. Discuss Terms Now finally discuss the terms of engagement. Good developers may ask you for some upfront fees. If everything else looks good you can agree to it but don ’t commit a lot. You can even choose to hire them through Upwork or simlar platform which provides milestones based escrow options. Discuss the milestones clearly like what exactly to expect when the developer says 50 of work is done. Now Hire android developer