Fund Raising As A Profession


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Fund raising is Friend Raising. its all about fund raising for NGOs, donor acquisition, donor, traits of a good fund raising professional


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People Are Primary : 

People Are Primary People don’t give money to the causes ;they give to PEOPLE with causes.

Myths and truth about fundraising : 

Myths and truth about fundraising Successful fundraising is not magic, it is hard work Fund-raising is not about raising money but about raising friends If 1,000 people gave Rs1000… People have to be asked to give Fundraising takes time patience and planning People give to meet “needs” Successful fundraisers don’t ask, they get others to do it for them Corporate sponsorship is the answer I have to do it all myself

Individuals: the cornerstone ofsustainability : 

Individuals: the cornerstone ofsustainability Around 80% of contributions to non-profit groups comes from individual donors Individuals who give once are likely to give again at the same OR higher level Individuals provide you with the best source of unrestricted funds

To Begin with….!!! : 

To Begin with….!!! So far it worked everywhere (50,000 people in more than 30 countries) As long as you follow the basic Principles & System You can be as creative as you like It‘s a people thing – so self motivation and training is key Signing them up is just the first step

10 Laws of Fundraising : 

10 Laws of Fundraising People give to people People give because they are asked 80 percent of the money comes from 20 percent of the donors People will give to a winning cause People give in relation to the person who asks

Cont… : 

Cont… Giving is contagious Previous donors make the best prospective donors High sights plus managed expectations result in success Personal visits result in larger gifts Correlation between number of requests and number of gifts

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3 Traits of a Good Fundraiser Common Sense. Commitment to a Cause. Genuine like of People.

6 secrets to being successful : 

6 secrets to being successful Keep it simple Do it with confidence Have a ‘can do’ attitude Have empathy Focus on the money Be passionate


GRASP G – Get along with right kind of people R- Responsible A- Attitude (Positive) S- System P- Profitable

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SO What Did We Learn?????

Slide 16: 

Happy Fundraising…!!!

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