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United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc: A non profit chairity formed after September 11, 2001 to collect and dessmininate aromatherapy products in conjunction with chair massage. This is the original video made after our deployments to NY were over in 2002. This shows the initial trip with Carolina Emergency Response Massage Team leader Doug Rasmusson, and first team Karen, Chris and Sylla. Then as others joined us for 3 more deployments including the REST-UK team from the UK. We performed over 3500 chair massages at Ground Zero, FDNY fire houses, the Fresh Kills Landfill, the morgue and in FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority offices. We gave out over 20K worth of donated products and installed aromatherapy in 22 firehouses all over New York and the surrounding burroughs. This gives a hint of how awesome that was for therapists who left home and gave their gift that winter. That event led to the