Treasure and Pleasure

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Treasure and Pleasure:

Treasure and Pleasure Nice conveying idea towards the smooth riding roads of ideas. Somwhere and sometime in this world there is a Sim Sim Door that contain all type of stones ,Gold shortly contains all type of greediness and a plenty of to overcome the greed. But now in this era we don’t find a Sim Sim but only a Sim. We don’t need a far away journey contains hardships, thirst and even the risk of life loss. But now everbody has its own Sim to knock the door but to knock down the door of unestimated world of hope, reason and cause but innocuously getting all type of garbage and filled their greed and thirst. No diamond, no Gold, no Stone mines but a word commonly called entertainment. Difference reamains but the symptoms are the same Sim Sim a door, filled with treasure, the Sim a window filled with pleasure. What to choose and what to not, just go through never mind! By S YEDA F ozia N OREEN

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