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Learning in Corporate Ladders:

Learning in Corporate Ladders Narrated by Mr. Ekhlaque Ahmed

Small Start, Big Impact!:

Small Start, Big Impact! 1. SHOW RESPONSIBILITY LAST DAY ! Busy till late night

First Day, received a file from Boss!:

First Day, received a file from Boss! 2. CLICK ON THE FIRST DAY & GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY Sensed Something Wrong… Worked Day/Night…. Got It!

Boss throws in the Ocean!:

Boss throws in the Ocean! 3. BEGIN TO RELEARN Never knew what Fleet Management was all about !!!

Richard Claire (RC) Complains! :

Richard Claire (RC) Complains! 4. TACTFULLY HANDLE INTERNAL CUSTOMERS Why Overstay on Maintenance?

Test of Fleet Maintenance, Knowledge & Expertise!:

Test of Fleet Maintenance, Knowledge & Expertise! 5. SHOW PROCESS / GAPS / IMPROVEMENTS RC Praises

Audit in Dammam!:

Audit in Dammam! 6. PROVE WHAT YOU DIDN’T DO Where did you do Transit Management Degree?

Boss Said: You Cannot Win!:

Boss Said: You Cannot Win! 7. NOTHING SUCCEED LIKE SUCCESS . SHOW COURAGE, NEVER ACCEPT PAST! Write Report to Bosses’ Boss….. Win Through Collaboration!

Dry Battery Wets!:

Dry Battery Wets! 8. BE MANAGER OF ALTERNATIVES Boss Ask for the Letter and said, “If you want, I will sign it.”

IT Girl Prints Invoice Twice!:

IT Girl Prints Invoice Twice! 9. ALWAYS COMPLETE THE LOOP I’m held responsible! Boss said, “You are CEO of the Desk”

Zero Sale of Embodiment !:

Zero Sale of Embodiment ! 10. BEGIN BY CULTIVATING CONSTRAINTS & BE BOSS OF ALL Build new opportunities all around….

New Opportunities:

New Opportunities 11. MAKE PLAN ‘ KNOWN ’ & CREATE CATALYISM TO EXCEL! “There is no “NO” word in my dictionary” From 29M to 70M to One Billion

Luminaire Business Unit:

Luminaire Business Unit 12. YOU DON’T KNOW, BUT YOU KNOW! Technical Manufacturing & Sales First week in an International Meeting Sleep Cycle & Tough J ourney towards Excellence

Data Marketing in Stagnant Sales…:

Data Marketing in Stagnant Sales… 13. RAISE THE BAR, SHOW CONFIDENCE Factory declines more quantity. Import & Prove!

Dust of Cement !:

Dust of Cement ! 14. GET INTO IT, DON’T SEE FROM DISTANCE Breakthrough Sales….

Do It Yourself!:

Do It Yourself! 15. KEEP THE BOSS AWAY & DELIVER Boss said, Don’t Involve My Son.