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DENTAL CROWNS | Sydney Dental Veneer The purpose of a dental crown is to protect fragile tooth from fracture. Fractures and cracks frequently happen to teeth with large existing restorations or teeth that under excessive load as we’ve seen in sleep grinders and people who clench a lot. Dental crown also provides perfect match to natural tooth colour and shape. A Dental crown is a rather mechanical dental treatment in that it only deals with the hard tissues of your tooth. In simple terms it is a physical helmet for the tooth to prevent further propagation of cracks and fractures. It however does not cure any existing infection restore already damaged dental nerve tissues and certainly will not cleanse the tooth free of abscess. If a tooth suffers from existing sensitivity or pain prior to having a crown placed on it it is important to let your dentist know about it as the Dental Crown may not be the best option in this situation and that Root Canal Therapy or removal of the tooth may be necessary. SINGLE-VISIT CERAMIC RESTORATION/CROWN These are the 3 key steps for how we make Dental Crowns in-house at Sydney Dental Crowns: What kind of Dental Crown material should I choose Before placing the crown onto the tooth dentist needs to prepare the tooth and remove broken part of the tooth. Then a dental crown or ‘cap’ can be cemented onto the remaining tooth structure. The crown is made of high strength restorative material there’re different types of material we using: 

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DENTAL CROWNS | Sydney Dental Veneer  Full-metallic crown: is a type of crown that uses only metallic material to provide cover for the tooth. Gold was once the favourite because it’s biocompatible and easy to contoured and carved by the technician. Unfortunately due to increased costs of gold many patients are forced to consider alternative materials. Other cheaper metallic crowns uses alloys of different metal however due to poorer bio-compatibility nickel allergy rusting they are not the first choice.  Porcelain-fused-metal PFM crown: to improve the aesthetic of a metallic crown especially in front teeth dental technicians can place ceramics to cover the metal to give it a tooth-like aesthetic. It has been in use in dentistry for a very long time and has been the favourite for many experienced dentists even after the introduction of CADCAM computer-aided-design computer-aided-manufacturing technology to dentistry.  Non-metallic crown: are typically made of high-strength medical grade ceramic. At North Sydney Dentistry we utilise the latest chair-side CADCAM technology to provide precision fit dental crowns. The accuracy of such restoration is within microns of discrepancy making them some of the most precision fitting restorations available to dentists. We offer different brands Vita Emax and Lava Ultimate crowns in our surgeries.  Example of Dental Crowns:

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DENTAL CROWNS | Sydney Dental Veneer How long will my Dental Crown Last In the event that the tooth requires Root Canal Therapy after the placement of the Dental Crown as your dentist will discuss with you we are prepared to replace the crown within 5 years free of charge after the completion of Root Canal Therapy. If the tooth is removed within 5 years due to severe infection and it cannot be restored the cost that was paid towards your crown will be deducted off from the cost of an implant crown or bridges. How many visits will my Dental Crown take Most dental practices require patients to make two to three visits because the moulds need to be sent off to a dental laboratory to construct the crown. AtNorth Sydneydental we make our crowns at our practice. This enables us to reduce the extra laboratory fee and also ensure that the quality meets our highest standards. It also benefits our patients by allowing the entire dental procedure to be completed in one visit. Our experienced and friendly dentists will explain the process with you and you can watch your dental crown be made with our advanced Dental Crown technology equipment at North Sydney Dentistry. How much does a Dental Crown Cost At Sydney Dental Crowns we believe in providing quality Dentistry at an affordable rate. We are proud to offer some of the cheapest crowns in the North Sydney area. The average cost can range between 1500 and 2500. We offer our in-house dental crowns for 990 with a 5 year limited warranty. 5 years Limited Warranty key conditions: Patient has to retain their receipt and have twice a year routine 6 monthly dental check-up and cleans at our North Sydney or Hornsby practices during the warranty period. The warranty will cover for a free replacement of the same Dental Crown restoration if it failed due mechanical failures only such as fractures or de-bonds. The warranty however does not extend to trauma/accident related failures dental decays gum diseases or a need for root canal therapy otherwise recommended by the treating dentist prior to the commencement of treatment.

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DENTAL CROWNS | Sydney Dental Veneer What other dental options are available There are many restorative options available to help you achieve the smile you would like. At North Sydney Dentistry our experienced dentist will discuss with you entire options and help tailor your personal treatment plan that provides the best outcome related to your individualised goals. Advanced Dental Crown Technology Equipment at Sydney Dental Crowns: Source:

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DENTAL CROWNS | Sydney Dental Veneer

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